🚑 Recap - Don't give up your banned Instagram accounts! We can save them!

We currently offer Appeals for Instagram, as that is a very streamlined process by now.

If you haven’t done so yet, you can submit an appeal for Google products here:

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Is there a chance to get an account unbanned with this service that was banned for copyright infringement?

By default, every* account can be appealed and recovered - even though some chances are way smaller than others.

If you have appealed the account in the past and have been rejected for multiple weeks of doing daily appeals, your account might only get reactivated due to the Agent on Facebook’s end making a mistake.

We have seen accounts coming back after 73 days of daily appeals, so everything is possible.

*I would say every account except what FB/IGconsiders extremely vile, dangerous or is having an ongoing/past criminal investigation.

If, I buy a subscription.
You will be able to unlock your account after 2 days.
I then have 28 days of subscription.
Can I add 2 unlockable accounts? Do I need to buy a new subscription?

If the account is unlocked the included slot can be used by another account.
You could also give up on that account after 2 weeks and add another, though I would not recommend that. Appealing is a battle of attrition and requires persistence most of the time.

Running two accounts at once will give you more benefits though, as each additional one is just $0.03/day (90cent per month) and both can utilize the subscription time fully

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My experience after 1 week has been that out of the 8 banned accounts I added, none have been unbanned. It says that a total of 7 appeals has been sent for each account.

Surely something would have budged by now?

A feature suggestion I have, especially for a service like this, would be more transparency on the performance.

I.e. can you not show every user an overview of the amount of accounts getting unbanned, day to day stats on how many get unbanned, or if you’re not comfortable sharing that, at the very minimum a % of total accounts unbanned which we can see day to day.

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I assume you have not tried appealing different accounts in the past, or if you did, it was quite a while ago. Instagram is not handing out unbans like that anymore. Before, you could reactivate accounts banned during account creation within mere minutes. Now it takes sometimes weeks.

Such a service can only offer as much transparency as IG provides information about the process. Seeing any number of unbans will not reflect anything realistic for your accounts. Each account is different, and so is their ban time and reactivation chance.

We don’t impact your chance, compared to if you would correctly do it yourself - that is not what this service is about, as it’s a labor replacement.

So what can we offer for transparency?

  • Appeals don’t contain the IG Username or anything identifiable related to the account
  • Employees don’t want their picture sent around to strangers (understandable, most companies keep their employees somewhat in the background)

And that is all that is to the Appeal process.
If you hop on the Live Chat or open a Ticket, we can tell you exactly when we sent the appeal and what the response is, if IG sent one yet.

There is a reason people use such a service.

If the added account would be easy to unban and should have happened X days ago, then there would be no need to employ a third-party to handle it. You would send in 2-7 selfies, and everything is fine.

Currently, very the Unban rate is down again. We confirmed that with different people who work in the same field or appeal their accounts themselves. Be it the elections, changes how IG treats suspicious reports (24hr Review).

Fact is, in the last nine months, we have recovered 1558 accounts out of 9292 added accounts.
The number of total accounts includes test accounts, accounts with incorrect usernames, accounts that only ran a few minutes/hours/a day (some people think if you appeal 400 accounts for less than 24hrs you get them back and can save some cash)

Even with all the ‘noise,’ that is still a solid 16.7%+ recovery rate. We usually refer to an 8-10% unban rate, as that is the solid baseline we saw over the years.

But it also shows that statistics only help so much, since IG does not operate very logical when it comes to disabled accounts.

Hope this gives you the needed transparency :slightly_smiling_face:

Some people surely still remember the mess of Google Sheets @HenryCooper had run for quite a while, so I think we progressed quite a bit since then.

I know of customers who resell accounts with short names (3-4 letters). Spending 19.95$ on the subscription and roughly 25cents in daily charges to get approximately 5000$ worth of accounts back in under a week. That is one of the happy endings.

Then there are the people who want their account back, even going as far as letting us appeal that account for 73 days straight, to get it back on the 74th.

Not everyone gets a happy end for their account. Still, we would never claim such a thing and are always brutally honest about what this service does, can do, and the overall situation of appealing an IG account. Heck, inquiries in the live chat usually receive a guide on how they can save the 19.95$ for now and give it a try themselves. That way, everyone can get a feel for the process and what to expect from it.

Account appeals are not the most tangible thing out there, and having to rely on pure luck when dealing with a company like Facebook is also mind-blowing, but sadly that is the current state of the system.

I’m happy to discuss our service in-depth with anyone that wishes to do so :slight_smile:
We are slowly working on more features that have customers request via our survey (Stripe, for example, has was implemented recently, and most people seem to love it), so your input is much appreciated!

Sorry for the long rambling and lot’s of edits, a phone might not have been the best choice for this post


Has anyone here already been able to get an account back? I understand this will take longer (it’s been around 5 days for me without any success) and potentially nothing will happen until the US elections are over (and then some) but it would still be nice to hear from anyone who has gotten anything back.

@micprince might be able to confirm :slight_smile:

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No accounts recover back yet - running for 2 accounts right now

Mystery solved, incorrect Username :frowning_face:

The highest number of unbans for a single user sits at 379 (that’s 1/3 of all Unbans), with the last one back on the 1st of September. I would call him out, though I don’t know if he is on MPsocial :man_shrugging:

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WoW! that’s avey big no. keep it up bro.

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Instagrams department is currently quite overloaded (probably election-related issues) and it might take up to two weeks to get an answer. So theoretically, no one from MPSocial who uses this service will be able to see results yet (sales thread has been opened two weeks ago). Our team will keep sending appeals - in this case - before the verdict is received. This will ensure that our service is executed, even if the responses are heavily delayed.

When it comes to unbanning, you need to be patient, especially during election times. Those Instagram war-rooms are quite busy places. In the meantime, to calm your nerves, you might enjoy some blog posts the team has prepared.


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Just wanted to say, I have used this service and I enjoyed every bit of my experience. Staff at recap are wonderful, extremely responsive and extremely knowledgeable about the unbanning process. This service has been wonderfully convenient and saved me loads of time when filling out the lousy unbanning forms.

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Looking forward to using your service again my friend.

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Do you only use the 9083 form to appeal?

This form:

for copyright infringement its possible to unbanned?

Yes, though I would consider that a “hard-ban”
If possible it’s always advisable to try and settle it with the party that filed the complaint. With smaller companies/copyright holders this works best.


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If I get CAPTCHA and then go into the review process, and then get banned - can you guys recover the account?

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