🤭 Recover Restricted LinkedIn account


I have one Linkedin account with this verification:

Now I need to submit a gov issue ID (Driver Licence, Passeport)

Do you know any free or paid tool to create fake Passeport and/or Driver Licence?

Did anyone succeded to recover from this restriction?

Does using a fake ID with the first name and last name and date a birth would be enough?

There was a sales thread on bhw by user “secondeye” but they closed it since it’s illegal…

He was selling fake docs for verification. You can go there and contact him, see is he still selling outside of bhw.

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Without being too involved with LinkedIn - What is the country of the account in question? Does it have to match the ID?

The country is France but I don’t think that it should match. You can have any nationality ID and living in France… I don’t think that LinkedIn would check anything… I think that they would just compare First Name, Last Name and Birthdate and I don’t think a human would do this.

Anyways I will try to send them a fake one and see what happens :wink:

Keep us updated. If it fails maybe I can give it a go :innocent:

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As a matter of interest, how did this happen? I’m working with a few accounts and would like to avoid this at all costs.


Yes, I think you should have done half of those numbers.

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Yes bro I lowered my number :wink:

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LVL1. Screenshots…Please… :slight_smile:

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i have the exact same issue. Did you recover the account ?

unfortunately no, I didn’t want to use fake ids…

My Linkedin account got restricted last month, and I was able to recover it. The weird thing is that after I submitted my ID, they sent me this reply saying my account has been permanently restricted. But I was actually able to log in without any restriction.