Repin Strategy for Pinterest

I’ve had 30k+ uniques a month several months ago for one of my sites, but I stopped working with Pintetest and I need your help to understand their updates since that time.

I will start with my path of reaching that amount of traffic. I used Following+Repinning.
Here is my repin strategy history:

  1. Firstly, I repinned from their urls that have “explore” in them. These urls are shown in Google when you search e.g. “traditional decor”. This url was shown for all topics when you search from the menu. So repinning from this url was very relevant. I repinned to the board that had the same keyword in it’s name. The board name = theme of the pins in it = looks like real user.

  2. Then they changed their structure and started to use “topics”.
    This url shows lates pins in their chronological order, while “explore” urls are a mix of most popular pins and newly created. Maybe I will renew my accs with this strategy.

  3. And now they use these urls:

I want to understand why P started to use this structure of the urls.
How can I create or find similar urls for my old topics/keywords?
The letter combination after the “article” word changes each time I update the page, so if I repin this url constantly, my profile will look like bot, because it will use same letter combination for repinning.
Any wise thoughts of new repin strategy for Pinterest?


From what i gather is that every repin gets a new URL for tracking purposes

I was googling about these changes last couple of hours, but couldn’t find any explanation or any reason why they did it. Also I don’t see any logic behind it, except making our lives harder :slight_smile:

What I do and get decent traffic is this.

  • Pin my pins to main account
  • Repin those pins with 3-4 other accounts to group boards
  • Repin my pins from those group boards to relevant boards of my 30 bot accounts

Later, I check the stats on my website and see which pins got me most visits and get their URLs. It happens that the pin repinned by use who has only 50-100 followers sent me 100 visits or 200 visits… So, that pin has potential to get popular. So I copy its URL and add it to repin and like tools of my bot accounts again. I would call this tiered (re)pinning.


The way i have set up my “system” (for lack of a better word) is this

So what you see here is this, i pin my pin in my main account in board A and in board A i have pins from the same niche these are all my own pins from my website, right.

Now i have in tier 1 also a board A and that board is filled with pins in the same nice, i pin with keywords and the url of Board A out of the main account now i get the url of board A from T1 and open up the accounts in tier 2 and do everything all over again.

The reason why is that if you take your pin down the tier your pin will get more credits,as i have understand it the more distance between you and your pin the better it is, and the more credits means better rankings in the search (where the real traffic is) now i would love to create up to 10 tiers but it is such a painstaking and time consuming job to set up in Massplanner.

Anyhow that is the reason (so i have been told) that the changes after every repin it has tracking reasons and no doubt do they wanna make our lives harder :slight_smile:


Thank you for the help!

About groups. I didn’t have any vivid results with groups, although I have tens of offers during a week.
Here are my thoughts about not using group posting:

  1. Usually members of those groups are bots and the board is with fake bot activity if any. The engagement of the group is usually very low.
  2. When you visit the dashboard or search page, you usually don’t receive results from those boards. Therefore, you only target people that are in the board. 1k-20k-50k. The quality of those members is hard to predict.

Regarding the traffic from new users. It’s a really cool thing.
Pinterest always choses one random pin from the fresh user. How we can use it?

  1. We have the option to increase visibility to new users (the perfect way is buy following) or
  2. constantly creating new accs. Gmail - Pinterest acc - setup everything to pin 50-100 pins and leave it.
    It’s time consuming.

It took me some time to think deeply about your strategy. I will try to organise my thoughts here.

Hypothesis: Pinterest ranks good pins that have engagement in the shord period of time.


  1. Create engagement with your own accs. (But it’s time consuming)
  2. Test buying likes. The acc may be banned, but I think I will try it. I just need to find a good service to do this.
  3. I am not a program person, so one of the craziest ideas arised. What if MP had the option for MP users that use Pinterest to like each othe pins. For example, I add the pin that I want to be liked. Then MP checks inside it’s sysmem who agrees to like each other. Then autoliking is ON during limited time. Done.
  4. Buy pinterest ads. I am from Ukraine and don’t have this option yet. Need to research who is ready to share US card with me))

Sometimes I want voice or video conersations:) So much to discuss. New ideas arise in these discussions.

I agree with this. They show your pins to other users for some time, but how it will perform in the future depends on engagement it gets during the time it’s showed.

I realized this long time ago, back then I used addmefast to add likes and repins to my pins. But that’s not really long term solution, your domain could get banned easily, which is, in my opinion, much worse than getting your account/s banned.

While I used addmefast to pump up my repins and likes I noticed most of those repins and likes came from really badly made fake profiles with only one board that was used to repin everything from addmefast system. That’s probably what got my domain banned. Bunch of repins and likes from ugly profiles. So, don’t buy fake likes or repins. Rather make 100 real looking accounts and use them to make your pin look popular.

You’re not first who came up with idea like this. We had a guy who suggested something like this for Instagram. It’s a good idea, of course our users would benefit from this, but I’m not sure how much time would take for developers to make such system. Anyway, I’ll send them link to read this, since I also like it :blush:


Does anyone have an idea how ‘randomize number of repins each day’ option works? It’s not clear whether the repin tool will repin according to the ‘repin x times’ option or ‘repin between x and y times’. For instance, if I wish to repin between 5-7 times a day, what should I choose as the number of repins? Any idea, @Adnan or @DaveNL ?

I use the repin between 2 and 7 pins per day just o make it seem random

Hey @DaveNL. Thanks for the reply.
I was actually asking how you configure the ‘repin between’ option. Does the image below look right to you?

Yes that is exactly like i have it

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So we should enter the highest number of repins to the top section. Thanks!

Yeah that is what i do

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What about adding your own Branded keyword and make your pinterest accounts repin that specific keyword? That way you set it once and regradless of the changing pin urls you still repin?


It looks like a great time-saving idea! :slight_smile:

Hi there Adnan, do you automatically repin those pins from the group boards, and how you manage to repin just your pins, or you collect them manually then repin them.


A repin is adding an image you find while browsing Pinterest to your own board. So Repin means take mouse over any image that you want to repin on your board and click the Repin button. More repin on any board make more visible and popular on Pinterest. Pinterest Repins maintain the source-link of the image no matter how many times it’s refined.

Pinterest has four strategies that can help to drive traffic from Pinterest to your website:

*** Label boards with keywords and optimize for user intent**
*** Add call to actions to images and optimize for mobile**
*** Concentrate on growing the number of repins instead of followers**
*** Pin often**


Hey guys i have a problem, i put a repin for one board name, set it to repin it after 1 minute current time ( eg. its 1:00 AM i want a repin at 1:01 ) it gives me 0 repinned and the status goes from Active to Stopped, also if i go over 3 Repins/day the status goes instant from active to stopped, have any clue?

Contact support. Thanks.

Can you please give me a link to the support page, thank you very much!