Scrapers Still Needed? 4G Proxies Jarvee/Instagram

Are scrapers still a must even when using 4G proxies? If so I’d appreciate if you would let me know if I could also implement at least 1x scraper within the main accounts using only 1x proxy (if even possible).


Yes, proxies are still highly recommended even if you are using proxies. Instagram continues to become more strict when it comes to scraping activities. Now, what’s recommended is at least 2 scraper : 1 main account ratio instead of the previously advised 1 : 1

Not sure if I understood it correctly, but are you referring to using 1 proxy for the scraper and main accounts? If so, we do not advise putting the main and scraper accounts on the same IP/proxy.

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What do you mean with proxies are still recommended when using proxies?

*Not sure if I understood it correctly, but are you referring to using 1 proxy for the scraper and main accounts? If so, we do not advise putting the main and scraper accounts on the same IP/proxy.

would it be safe to run 6 scrapers and 4 main accounts each cycle? (My cycles are about 2 hours each)

Also. Do you have any suggestion for a good cycle time? It seems most people short times of 5 minutes for each cycle…

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yes scrapers now are essential no matter what your setup is, and you should never have the scraper and main on the same proxy, it doesn’t make any sense to have the main account on API limits then use the same IP to make tons of API calls using the scraper.

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I’ve heard that some people are just running main accounts without scrapers and doing it successfully but I am sure that scrapers still are a safer method because they will protect your main accounts from the unnecessary scraping API calls.

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Here is the deal.

You have scraper accounts who pass the targeted user to your slave accounts who does the actions and redirect to your main.

Excuse my language bro. But that is plain stupiduty! Not saying you are, but those who choose to use main directly. Their chose is!
Why? Cause that’s indeed risky business on automation these days. I cannot imagen those are mains with greater value.

Yet alone automation on mains will kill ER. Even back in the good old days serious people used slaves to avoid involving the main as much as possible.

I would never recommend doing anything with mains on automation.

Now manual interaction is another talk.

You did not really explain why it is risky, but calm down Micky.

Could you actually give us a reason why this is not a good idea? API calls are the only thing coming into my mind, but should 4G proxies (rotating) not solve it, since they are shared with other people in close distance to the cell tower.

What I mean is, the chance of getting mobile IP’s blocked/banned is little to none.

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Why would you want me to calm down? :roll_eyes: I even stated and asked @Jaha to excuse my language. It was said as an expression.
I am totally down :wink: and my statement was on people who claim to use automation directly on main accounts. So it has nothing to do with your question.

You choose to focus on the wrong things in your thread mate.

But I did also answere your question


And here:

Now we can list tons of other reasons why proxies are a must!

But yet alone the best proxies won’t help you out. Proxies are one thing out of many other things.

You settings are as important also. How many actions. How fast you do them. When to take a break. And we can keep on adding to the list.

Now nothing is a must. But removing something which is recommended will only remove one layer of “protection”.

You can chose to skip everything and use automation on your residential IP address and start automating directly on main accounts.
Is that doable? Indeed. Is it optimal in my oppinion no.

You always wanna protect your main account and ip address. Those are the most valuable things in your setup.

NEVER main account on the same proxy as your scrapers or slaves.

Slaves and scrapers die you just create 10 more.

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I did not expect this kind of answer, don’t take it personally.

But regardless, what are your experiences with scrapers. I have tried many settings, but yet have to find a way to keep them alive on high percentage. Have you managed to get a great number of scrapers alive over a period of more then 1-3 days or even beyond a week?

YES! Beyond 2-3 days. A week NO!

You see creating the perfect scraper has become an art these days.

Some have great luck mass producing them via automation and different sms verification systems. Others tend to have more success handcrafting them using simcarts and real phones.

Your have to figure out what works best for you!
Also make sure to keep your costs in a decent size, cause slaves and scrapers are meant to die sooner or later. That means sooner or later you will be creating more. The trick is to create them good and as cost effective as possible.

Now you come to the most crucial part.
You may have created the best slave/scraper account. But with no proper warm up they will be worth ZERO. All scrapers/slaves need to be properly warmed up! Otherwise they will die instantly. Now how do we warm them up you may ask. Search this forum. Look for the latest threads. How to properly warm up accounts has been a very hot topic lately and you will have a pretty good idea upon reading the latest threads on that here on mpsocial.

So this was my 2 cents for you buddy.

I cross my fingers for you and I defibately hope that you manage to get it all going captain :wink:

Best of luck.

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