Selfie video verification bug

Been trying to upload my selfie video for verification & I keep getting this error message.
Also won’t let me access the IG support form.

Please help?

Same here! Been locked out of my account for over 24 hours now. I’ve made countless reports to Instagram and haven’t heard back. Even went as far as leaving a review on the App Store, hoping to get through to them. Tried reinstalling the app, rebooting my phone, changing the password. Still no change. A lot of people are getting this error message so hopefully it’ll be fixed soon!

yeah, that’s a bummer, there a lot of testing going on right now to find a workaround for that issue let’s see if forum members will have something to suggest.


I saw in one of the threads that after reinstalling the app it worked fine for that user. Check this thread: New Verification Screen Using Selfie Video - Facial recognition like in an airport

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same… i search web and many forums but nothing…

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Same issue! Hope someone can find a solution.

same here :confused:

I think you can try changing your proxy for that account and if it doesn’t work, try to connect from an other device. I’ve heard that some people have been able to finish it correctly when trying to connect from iPhone.

Ive allready tried it with another device, but how can I change the proxy?

are you using any software on your account? if not then you need to change the IP from where you use the account and see how it goes.

But where can I change my IP Bro

the IP can be changed using proxies, you need to add a proxy to your account.

I allready tried it with a VPN App on my iPhone. Still doesn’t work…

I have the same problem now! 3 months later the bug, and I don’t Know how can I do, can you please help me?

Have you fixed the bug now? I have the same problem now, how can I do?

Hi, I saw that your message was in November 2020. I have the same problem. Did you find out how to fix the error or did the error stop occurring?

Hi Ligia, I have the same problem, it happen yesterday, if you find a solution can you tell me?

Anyone found a solution, I’m in trouble in verifying by uploading selfie of hundreds account per day?

Hi Nicolas, I managed to fix this yesterday. My cell phone is samsung and what I did was use a friend’s iphone to log in my account and it worked. The video verification has been completed. I heard that Xiaomi also makes video verification work. I hope I can help

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I will try, but I don’t Know, I tried with the iPhone of one of my friend but it doesn’t working… Thank you!