Sheduling to a business page

Hey MP Family,

I am trying to schedule my posts to run through my business page. Any ideas on how I can do that? Currently it runs in groups and my personal wall.

Thank you :smiley:

Have you selected your page in destination list?

Yes I have. But if I want to do a volume campaign how do I share from the facebook page post.

OK. You’ll have to explain this a little bit better. What do you actually want?

Do you want to publish same posts on groups, your profile and Facebook page?
What feature inside campaign you want to use to add posts? Are you going to use Share post feature?

So for instance if I have a blog that I have written and I want to promote it on Facebook. It is much better if share the link on my business facebook page then send into groups rather than just posting in groups with the link to the blog.

That would be ideal solution. This way you’ll promote your Facebook page and your website link too. So you’ll gain some new fans on your page and get visits to your blog.

So, share posts on your page, then go to Share post in What to publish tab of your campaign and add your fanpage there. Mass Planner will automatically extract posts from your fanpage and add them to Posts list so they will be ready for group sharing. Also all future posts that you publish on your FB page will be automatically extracted.


You are the BOMB! Thank you Adnan :smiley:

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