Sign up error - instagram

I’ve been having trouble creating accounts from multiple devices. Always getting the same error. Anyone having the same problem?

Could you please be more precise?

How are you creating the accounts? 4G? Are you using a PC or a mobile phone?

I’ve tried everything. PC and laptop from my home network. Also with 4 different cellphones each one on a different network and nothing. I even tried downloading bluestacks and still didn’t work.

So I create a new email. Start the sign up process up until the point where you chose your username. When I want to go to the next step the error appears. If I try creating another account in a different device with the same email I used before instagram tells me that there’s already an account using that same email. If I try using the same username as before the same error appears. But if you look up the username or email on instagram there are no accounts with either that username or email.

Hey Raul :wave: Can you describe what problem?

Account creation is a very complex topic. In the beginning I also thought there are just few little issues which are easy to solve with one question/answer. But there is much more to that and it took almost 2 months until I was able to create them successfully without sign up errors / footprints.

Read A LOT, Learn A LOT, Test A LOT.

That is the formula for account creation.


^ This.

If you want a shortcut, buy some automation tool but be prepared to churn through proxies quickly.

Account creation successfully and more importantly - quality is the most complex subject there is on Instagram currently.

If you’re not willing to spend hours and days, more like weeks on learning. I would suggest to buy from account sellers, that’s your best bet.

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I have the same problem. I just get an error

Did you try the different methods available here on the forum? If not, I would start with those and see if the creation is successful.

You could start with the 2 above and dig deeper when using the search bar.

When you read those threads, do not only read the guide but also read the comments as they are helpful.

Concerning the creation method that you stated, are you making sure that they are on a 4G network? If you are on your home network, there will be a limit to the number of accounts that you can create.