Snapchat Marketing: Snap Ad Inquiry


What are thoughts on Snapchat marketing? I have seen a lot of success with Geofilter marketing and am just getting into the Snap Ad platform.


Depends on your target market and what your promoting.

Great for young audience, but usually younger not so good for buying online.


Adult niches work very good on snapchat.


sadly snapchat is dead in my country


I actually feel like snapchat is dying out a little bit… or maybe i’m just getting old! (27)

I tried snapchat adult CPA awhile back, struggling with conversions maybe my method was bad.


Yeah, Snapchat is just about completely dead now since IG launched stories a few years back haha


Yeah, focus on IG instead


snapchat marketing is actually the thing where I am making a killing and there is literally no problems ever, for the month of may I grosed $86,000 strictly from snapchat and that’s probably $45,000-48,000 profit, and I don’t pay for any ads, everything I do is all manual work but it pays off… with instagram I run into nothing but problems



and now you want everyonr to ask by dm how you do it:) and sell some shizzle:)

dont think we are stupid on this forum, keep it clean. also by dm.


nope , just saying what I do on snapchat and thank god it doesn’t have the limits instagram has , I don’t even thibk snapchat has limits hahahahahahahaha…



so enlighten us



I Saw people claiming that Snapchat ads are the worst. But as I haven’t tested, I can’t say anything haha

If you want advertise your brand there (clothes work like a charm), contact Snapchat influencers and offer them sole bucks. Your results will be amazing!


Adult CPA, right? Hahaha


yeah on Adult niches people drive traffic from IG to follow them n snap cuz snap lasts Longer than ig and you can always share links in stories!


in my opinion 1 snapchat user is equivalent to 75-100 instagram users because there is way less competition because to get an snapchat user you need there phone number or username(I have a very special way of doing it but it is way worth the time) and you cant see other people followers like you can on instagram and then follow them. I would say 99% of the snapchat users are under the age of 32 and seem to sell diet, health, and beauty products and miscellaneous stuff like bracelets, necklaces etc from ali express and just direct them to my shopify stores, and what I recently started doing is contacting local business and explaining how powerful this is to reach customers and how many people follow my accounts from that area and I live in Huntington Beach, California so what I do is I have the computer system which upload the numbers in the prefixes of the local number for example I will have the computer create a phone list from 949-237-0000 to 949-237-9999 and then when I transfer it to my iphone it will show what people have snapchat in that list of phone numbers(I remember it was around 2,300 of the 9,999 had snapchats) and then I request to follow them and within a day of requesting to follow them I will usaually have 30% follow back then about another of that 30% will follow within 30 days and about another 10-20% will follow back within 60 days and then the remaining 20% don’t even follow back at all or maybe just a handful will follow back within a few months but either way that is a very high back that accept/follow back the greatest thing is that snapchat has no limits on it besides how many people you can follow on each account which is 10,000 people unless you are a brand/business and they subscribe to follow which I learned hardly anyone does so it is pointless to do it that way. the other way I find accounts is on instagram and they are on the bios of the accounts on instagram and it takes a lot of time but getting these accounts are very worth it , and another thing is that in my opinion it is probably 70% female so you have to sell stuff like bracelets, watches, basically stuff that is cheap and I sell all this stuff just from my stories , and you need to do this all from your phone and I have 216 different iphones I do this from and its all manual and its not necessarily a bot its just system that was made by my friend to make lists super easy to make and its very out of date and im sure there are better ones out there but it does save hours or even days of work it would take to input 9,999 contacts, and when we make the contact list all the names are the same because if you wanted to create a contact and have a contact for every phone number we would have to do it manually so we had 9,999 adam’s on the contact list but had different phone numbers and when it shows up on snapchat it shows there username, its actually pretty badass… the system was made by my friend I believe in 2005 when the SMS marketing was way different and didn’t have the opt-in laws they have now. back then you could text people pretty much anything marketing-wise on a phone and now the laws are that they must opt-in before you can even send a text message… for example say you go to tillys and buy some clothes and the cashier asks if you would like to opt-in so you can receive text messages to get deals and the customer says yes then that’s the only way by law(in the united states) you can legally text anyone marketing related stuff, you cannot just text anyone marketing related stuff without an opt-in or if you get caught by the FCC or FTC you will be punished pretty badly and I know several people who had this happen to them and they had to pay tons in fines


snapchat is surely a great option. but here in Italy is died… no business here man


ya but there is literally no competition , it seems like I am the only one doing this
… its probley a great thing tho that its not oversaturated


Have not read the whole thread, but how can you find other snapchatters beside on all the snapchat add me sex sites and facebook groups there people share their usernames?

Seems tuff to sccale on snapchat, its not like on ig there u can see other peoples followers etc
pz out


I don’t know how they do it in other countries but I am in the United States and on my Snapchat it shows me the contacts I have on my iPhone and shows which of those contacts have Snapchat and shows me there username and asks if I want to add them … like I said I have a system that basically Lets me enter any area code+prefix and then I upload 9,999 numbers in a matter of minutes and it shows from that 9,999 who has Snapchat so I add all of them and unfortunalty I need to do this manually and takes hours to do and thank god I can go as fast as I want to an there is no limits to this unlike Instagram if you to many actions in a certain time period they will block your account , the only limit to each Snapchat is each account can only follow 10,000 people but I limit it to about 8,000 but then I get people who add me back months later and I have never been blocked once on Snapchat … for example 310-266-0000 to 310-266-9999 but I have to use the same name for all 9,999 numbers for example I have 9,999 Adams but I don’t care because all I care is to get them on Snapchat …and I do nothing with sex sites , I sell basic Ali Express stuff and then now I’m going to local businesses for the different area codes and showing them the analytics and the huge engagement rates it has so I have signed quite a few customers to advertise whatever they want on there , for example here especially in Southern California I have most area codes with most prefixes and most likely I’m sure i have the biggest following combined , I have over 5.7 million followers combined in California