[SOLUTION] [2019] Action/Follow Block Wave!


goto settings and increase browser amounts.


Aren’t you afraid for the 7 day block? :flushed:


No, because I have the option to follow in EB if the API is blocked.
This option I have marked since the block, so far everything is ok.


I am glad to hear. I received the 7 day block and I also checked this option on the account level. But the option was not checked on the general social platform instagram page. And important to mention I was using a DC, are you running on residential/mobile?


4G 1:1 :slight_smile:


Is performing action through api only can cause any block now ?i ´ve seen you talking about a 7 days block is it related to api ? I can’t use eb


Yes for me the 7 day block is related to follow through api and dc proxies


Oh so 4g is a solve :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your time @Itsyourtime.

I’ve been reading this post for hours and I’ve learned a lot thanks to you. Could you tell me the 4g proxies provider?

Thanks you ! :star_struck:


Have you tried resting your accounts for a while ?


Where can I get 4g/residential proxies?


Forgive me if I’m wrong but is this not extremely expensive for 1:1?


I pay 3 euros for one proxy.


Sure, drop me a inbox.

Never got that as I know but I get some customers does and I didn’t notice? Sometimes I’m doing unfollowing for more than 5 weeks so maybe I didn’t saw that.

Sure, check your inbox.

Not bad br0, how is everything going?


Thanks for this guide. But I can’t find this. Any screenshot to share?


@Ashua you can find it at the beginning of this disussion


:smiley: that’s not what I meant. Where this option is in Jarvee?


I’m sorry, I don’t know jarvee

  1. Social Profiles
  2. Click the checkbox on the affected account
  3. Press “Actions on selected profiles”, it’s a blue button at the bottom
  4. Scroll down and you should see “clear cookies” on the bottom right (count 9 from bottom to top)
  5. Press clear cookies
  6. Go to Tools and turn the tool off and then on


This is what i have at the bottom. I can’t find 'actions on selected profile anywhere in Social profiles :frowning: