[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


After doing this method, do your blocks permanently go away? I seem to have blocks that go away for 1 day and come back the next day. It keeps recurring.


I’m so sorry because I’ve responded all the questions today, have been so busy, I’ll take the time to respond you all asap.

Guys I’ve find out that, almost all the accounts from the customers I’m taking care of their servers that was still blocked from 4th june or 29th june are with the block lifted already but still blocked on EB, let’s do this:

First thing you can do:
Ask the customers that have follow blocked if they can follow on the phone, if yes you know for sure that is only a matter of:


Just logout on the embedded browser, close, open EB again and login, try to follow, if it follow normally, just turn on follow, warming up and move on to the next.

You need to setup a time with the customer to do the login, if it ask for mail verification they will be online to respond.

You need to reset device ID for all the accounts that are blocked on EB from long time ago and change to a FRESH NEW IP and verify.

If it works, great, start warming up. If it do not work, than yes we’ve a real block and please ask the customer to verify in their phone if they’re able to follow.

I can tell that because I’ve unblocked many from other customer server today, and was exactly like like that (blocked on EB and not working at all and for days).
Only 3 from 40 was real blocked.


I’ll send you a inbox.

You welcome brother, sending a inbox to you.

I mean “wait between” not the real intervals I’m sorry, edited the topic already

I’m doing many tests, some accounts are doing great with wait between 10 and 15 minutes others with 60-65 other with 60-90 so guys there is not a right or wrong way to do things today. You need to test by yourself with your accounts.

You welcome, thank you so much.
Try to change to a longer time “wait between” and see if they work better (60-65 minutes and 20-40 seconds between each follow)

Change the options to work through the API and only go do EB if it fails on API (use embedded browser when action block), clear cookies again, clear error notification, stop and start the tool and see if it will work flawless.

:point_up: try that brother.

Brother if it works for you just stick with it, all the best.

I prefer the second and that first one only in last case scenario, but it’s a personal way to think.

Not with all accounts and most of them are not real blocked, after the last update I felt some improvement, maybe you have your settings wrong, send a printscreen of your Profile - Advanced Settings and also Settings - Social Platforms - Instagram, let me see if I can help.


that it subnet is full of bots.


Another solution for follow blocks.

Just logout on the embedded browser, close, open EB again and login, try to follow, if it follow normally, just turn on follow, warming up and move on to the next.

Good luck.


Hi brother, can i know your proxy provider information? I’m really grateful, I’m having trouble with my proxy provider :joy:


What is your experiencie with the 7 week block clients also receive on their mobile phone?

Today I received a message from a client who received the 7 day block which kind of super sucks.

The client is on a DC proxy. I am just changing to mobile and I was wondering if people using mobile/residential are experiencing this block?


Thank you, dear @Verona, for your input.

Now we have a recommendation from the Dev’s:

May I ask you again because you were also very helpful and you are always doing a lot of tests :slightly_smiling_face:

So when we follow the recommendation by the Dev’s, I guess the settings should be like this (so the option “use only API to save bandwith” should be turned off, right?

Or do you think this is wrong?

Thank you, @Verona :smiley: :+1:


I had the same problem with DC and after moving these 7 days blocked accounts to mobile proxy - all is fine. Of course first I had to wait one week until the block was gone.


May I ask did you use api or EB on DC proxy? And are you using api or EB on mobile proxy now?

Thanks, this is really helpful!


am I one of the few that is getting stubborn recurring blocks on mobile but running fine on DC. I went the other way and moved the ones on mobile back to dc. I feel like there’s something wrong here since mobile is supposed to be superior.


when log into my client accounts and it ask me for verification, my client doesnt receive confirmation code and “it was me” doesnt showup in the notification. do you have solution for this ?


I’ve been hitting hard with 3 new customers lately, been 3 days without able to log on their accounts from nowhere :frowning:


API on DC proxies until “your account has been compromised” notification. Then just one time only for test purposes I’ve switched this account to EB (still on DC proxy, but different IP) and I immediately received 7-days block.

Normally after “your account has been compromised” notification or API follow block I switch those accounts to EB and move them to mobile proxy. Works like a charm :slight_smile:

Getting Account Compromised message? How many accounts do you have running?

I moved to mobile and got the 5 days block :pensive:


mobile isnt 100% fool proof. A lot of different factors matte. I have lots of DC accounts running without issues.


What mobile proxies do you use?


Because of EB taking too much CPU or whatever it might be, 220 follows per day turns into like 80-120 for all accounts, any recommendation to make it actually 180-200 per day?



It’s working perfectly well in the API today;)
Try it


goto settings and increase browser amounts.