[Solution] A Fix To Our Most Recent Issues


every account has its own info. Would look weird if you have 100 accounts running through 1 mobile device dont you think?


That’s exactly what i thought but you said that you use your real device for the info. Do you got so many devices or how do you manage it?


Easy no? Lets say youre runnning 30 client accounts on Jarvee. Just get every device info from 30 phones and insert one after another on each IG account on Jarvee. Thats it. Also geolocation plays a big part of this mouse trap game I think. Your device , you PC and the proxy should come from the same location. IG didnt care before, now they do. You cant hide form it anymore, so the best way is to be in plain sight. IF you happen to get a block, send intagram a message saying that you got a block for no reason and wait it out. Dont use IG for at least 4 days. No activity. If you send this message after trying hard on EB then it looks way too suspicios. Hiding times are over.


So you’re saying use this app to get the clients actual device details, then plug that into Jarvee?
What about the proxy for the account? What do you do for this? @Rostislav_Alexandrov


create your own proxy. it has to match the location of your client. Theres an app for that


Oh okay, thanks. Which app is this? Also does the proxy then run off the clients phone as well? Surely that is going to use loads of data from their phone(that they pay for) haha


allproxy is the app


doesnt have to run off your clients phones. Can run off your phones. but you need to input your clients phone ID into Jarvee


Thanks i’ll look into the app… but surely I can’t run the proxy off my phone if i’m based in the UK and the client is based in the USA, the location has to be the same doesn’t it?


I’m guessing you could if your would have a VPN on your mobile device with your clients location…


Ah I see so use a VPN to match the client location and mask the location of the original proxy on your phone?


I would try it like that yes. Unless you want to tell each client to each buy a cheap android with a sim and you run jarvee through those


this would solve the location problem


Haha I don’t think they’d like the idea of having to buy an android and pay for a data plan. What about just using their device IDs, would that help, even if if the proxy location was different?


i don’t think this is the point I’ll have compromissed messages on ACC which are generated via Jarvee and are only running in jarvee they are not connected to real smartphone …

I’ll personally think it is more about the missing touch / mouse movements …


If you want to avoid blocks, you will have to buy an android anyway with data plans. The trick to avoid bans from IG is to exacly mimic the users device and their location. The only way to do that either you buy all the phones and put vpn on each to match the users location or you ask the client to buy a cheap android. its 1 time payment so its ok. You will look like a very sucessful drug dealer with 50 phones lol running at the same time but it will work. I dont see any other way. If you want to make things easier, pick your clientelle from the area where you live and thats it. I’m sure you can run 10 accounts from 1 phone. I dont see a cheaper way for interantional clients. Stay local is your safety net.


This really smart. Well done mate. But I don’t think Jarvee works with iPhones and a lot of our clients use those. So this wouldn’t work for those iPhone users, would it?


Whats the problem with Iphones? It works the same. turn iphone into proxy, collect ID data from all iphones and enter it one after another into each clients account on jarvee. done


Could you elaborate on that process friend? You have been very helpful.


The problem is afaik Jarvee does not work with iPhone device ID’s. I’m not referring to useragents (browser), I’m referring to Device ID’s. This was clearly said by the developers of the software, albeit last time I checked was before the blocks of the June started.


Are you suggesting that iPhones now are supported by Jarvee and you can use these details? If so, it’s great news. Just as far as I know it’s not possible.