[Solution] A Fix To Our Most Recent Issues


You are using the same real mobile useragent to all of the accounts with the changes of deviceid etc?


When you look at this thread, you will see that I had kind of the same idea few weeks ago. The problem is the clients phone has to be on all the time and he needs a lot of data, unlimited even better.

Allproxy is a real innovation, with few adjustments/ideas it could help a lot. Sadfully the creator of the app got banned from here until October. Sure, he spammed a bit because he posted kind of the same thread multiple times but the app and the idea behind it is amazing!


So you intend to use 1 phone for each account?
So a Sim 4g / 1 phone / 1 account?
30 user = 30 sim4g (proxy) / 30 phone?


No. 10 accounts per phone 4G sim i think could work. 4 phones = 40 accounts


But for every account you need a different device info?
I have client account.
How did you solve the problem of the difference in the operating system that is detected on a site like whatleaks.com?
Using proxy 4g created with your own phones, you can solve the geolocation problem for sure, you can also solve the passive os fingerprint problem that the datacenter proxies give, as linux / linux is coherent with the phone 4g proxy.
But if you analyze well the operating system given by the user agent (android) is different and what is used instead for the browser (windows).
Have you tried checking on whatleaks?
These days I have done a lot of tests, and this is one of the main problems encountered.


I have 3 accounts that have been blocked for almost 2 weeks.

All 3 accounts with less than 4000 follows in the last 3 days.

Any ideas on how to unblock then?


And how do you route those phones to MP?


Iphone or only android?


How do you get those strings via android phone? Does it have to be rooted?


Are you automating multiple accounts or are you just automating one account?


Yes. Want to know this too


You know when you look at the homepage and the same guy has replied a few word answers to every recent post…


any one know how to collect ID data from all iphones? :thinking:


What do you mean from all iphones? There are apps which let you find out all the ID numbers. Input them into jarvee per account and proxy through all proxy app. the app will give you the IP and PORT, input that into Jarvees proxy manager and off you go. For the moment i did not modify my devices ID, I just modified the API user ID and it works well. If I will start receiving blocks, i will modify my device ID, but for the moment this seems to be working for me.


I tried to get the various ids to insert in JV using apps like my device IDs or others like the one you mentioned in this thread, but the writings are different from those i can find in JV.
How do you adapt them and insert them on JV?
In these apps I find IMEI number device, device serial number, Google ad id.
On JV instead there is Phone ID, Device id, Unique ID, Advertising ID.
Thanks in advance


I have texted it now like 5 times, but i dont care, i ll text it one more:

We need an APP on the client devices, this APP is syncronized with Jarvee.

Jarvee scrapes and send usernames to the APP installed and this APP perform the actions on the client device.

Not more proxys, not more device ids, not more EB, less blocks, etc

PD: I dont care if it doesnt work for Iphone.


i like the sound of this


It’s good idea but it’s more hard to make it ! Instagram can detect action provided by this app and block account, and how APP running if client devices is offline ?


Most of people have Mobiles working whole day, if you tell them that they need to i dont think it will be a big trouble.


I’m running 100+ accounts and I can tell you the problem is not the proxies.

I have been using data center proxies.