Solution for Jarvee action blocks

Ok so I have been experiencing follow blocks through Jarvee for over a month now. They aren’t real action blocks as I was always able to still follow people through my mobile phone. I changed all of my settings and was still getting the blocks. The whole time I was running it on a mobile proxy. I’m not positive but I think something with the rotating ips of the mobile proxybor maybe just the proxy itself was causing the issues.

I switched over to a raw mobile proxy. Stopped all actions. Cleared the cookies and reset the device ids. Then logged into the EB to make sure that was working and then started an 8 day warm up with a goal of getting to 200 follows/day. So far I’m on my second day and I haven’t experienced a single action block.


Nice work! I want to try that myself but I absolutely worry about resetting device ids and cookies as I usually get my accounts disabled. Nothing worse than loosing accounts :pensive:

I totally agree! I reserve resetting device IDs only for dire situation, which I consider this to be one.

Although it’s funny because if you talk to jarvee support they commonly recommend resetting device IDs :man_facepalming:t2:

So actually you just switched proxy provider? Thanks for the solution!

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I agree this is no magic bullet. That being said, after changing my proxy and starting again with a warm up I’ve not experience a single action block from Jarvee for whatever that is worth.

I reset my device ID’s often. Haven’t had an issue yet.

I think resetting them often can have an adverse effect on your trust score by IG. Not positive though

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how did your warmup go?

What was your warm up like? Which settings did you use?

I can’t say what warm up method OP used, but I have created one that works for me. I’ll link it if you are interested.