[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


Yeah I’m planning to do a mix from now on to hopefully cover most problematic accounts. DC proxies for Instagram are dead.


I believe the ~ 6k/30 limit applies on real device as well. Its actually how I found out about all this.

During the June 4 blockwave I was manually following and unfollowing - celebrity accounts. I was gaining followers from this, what I didn’t realize is that it was mostly people using automation to F/UF their followers. That’s when I googled my issues and found out about all this -. Best to still test out the limits though.


Hello every one,

I made a pretty nice thread with a How To, step by step with images, to get away with Action blocks, and work arounds and each possibility you guys can face, with each type of api / eb / temp / full action blocks.

Take a look there, for the ones that are tired of scrolling mega threads.

Hope this fits to every one!

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Thank you so much, I will respond to all of you guys, sorry.


I check the keep the account logged in on embedded browser.

Your welcome brother

Users between 16 and 22 per set.
After block I start warming up and increase 2 per operation daily.
Yes I mute after follow since always

You just need to wait my friend, is the only way in that case I mean, is it not following on embedded browser or phone?

Yes I truly believe in that, proxies resolv most issues.

No I didn’t, the accounts where working before.

Check your inbox brother.

Right? That’s the real deal.

Please let us know the results.

Yes maybe, we need to keep testing and find out.

Thanks for that bro, you’re awesome!


That’s the real deal. :joy:


Great post man!

Thinking of buying Mobile proxies…

Would you recommend “port with waiting when changing address” or “port without waiting when changing address”?



Thank you! Glad to know you liked it.

I’ve with waiting time just because is less expensive, but without waiting should be better as there is no waiting time during the day,
Good luck bro, keep us updated.


Where can I get residential proxies?


Thanks for the great info it was very informative for me. Just want to ask which proxy provider you use. Thanks in advance.


How many people per operation?
How many minutes before each operation?
I understand max 400 per day
What do you mean by Intervals and how to set it up? When I click on “Interval” button it shows as per below (there is no option to set 30-90 minutes)


Thanks for sharing itisyourtime!

You are awesome!

My latest issue right now is that accounts are not doing the desired follow per day which should be 200 but it only doing up to 100 actions via EB.

Do you have any propose set up/solution for this

This is the set up I am running right now. I am currently at 80 accounts
Back then it was able to follow the max limit (195) within half a day but now it is roaming through 100 to 120 per day. ( I have more than enough resource for it target


@Itsyourtime Thank you for the wonderful post. I am finding that the EB will work for most of our clients, however for a few of them they will receive blocks after 2-4 days. Clearing cooking allows them to work again with the EB, but them the blocks come back and its a constant repeat. Have you experienced this? Should I continue to clear the cookies when we get the temp blocks? I am using DC proxies, might that be the issue as well? We do have some accounts that have been running on the EB for weeks with no blocks at all.


I’ve followed every step of the way for this solution & all solutions i’ve been seeing on this forum since june 4th & nothing seems to work at all.

All accounts running on 4g mobile henry cooper with 1-2 accounts per proxy.

Minimal settings, 5-15 follows a day, still have accounts blocked from june 4th that can’t even tick a follow via EB. Those accounts that were able to follow 1 person via Eb, i waited 48 hrs with all accounts off and then tried to warm up again only for them to get blocked again via both api & Eb.

Willing to at this point financially compensate someone to help me figure this out.

Thx in advance


Unless you’re using raw mobile proxies, you should never use 2 clients on a proxy. I’m pretty sure that’s his rule as well for when you receive them.


replace - every one using - henrt cooper proxies.


Everyone recommends using those proxies… What do you mean?


Well it doesn’t matter if account has valid status, that only applies if you want to use API to perform actions. You need to open the account in social profiles, click browse and manually login there. Once you go through login phase, then you can click on Verify Account and EB actions will work fine.


How do you set it to stop actions for account for X amount of time after getting temporary block (global settings)? “When the Follow doesnt succeed with the Embedded Browser the suspend when getting temporary block between x -y minutes applies”

I have log out of EB enabled for when I get an EB block, but it basically just keeps logging in and out and getting follow blocks. I’m having more success by just staying logged into the accounts.


Is it a better tactic to

  1. Use only Embedded Browser to follow
  2. Use Embedded Browser to follow when action blocked?