[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


Ive got 8GB DDR, think ill order some more just in case. My CPU is at 5%CPU, i use an old gaming PC for JV. It’s old though.

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz

Base speed:	3.40 GHz
Sockets:	1
Cores:	4
Logical processors:	4
Virtualization:	Disabled
Hyper-V support:	Yes
L1 cache:	256 KB
L2 cache:	1.0 MB
L3 cache:	6.0 MB

Utilization	8%
Speed	3.78 GHz
Up time	22:06:30:30
Processes	165
Threads	1500
Handles	60864


Running EB with how many accounts?


70 odd in JV, Out of JV 4 constant tag scrapers HTML a few HyperLoops and a few other bits and some proxy servers.


I’m actually having the most issues with unfollow temp blocks, anyone else? Advice appreciated!


i also have unfollow temp blocks,setting very low,unfollow only 120 per days,still have block
any advices?


Below 180 follow/ days and night mode. It’s going so well that it scares me haha! Are there any other people that everything’s been fine for a few days too?

Four days without any blocks, problems! 90% with 4G proxies and 10% with residential proxies.


is this still working well and it is fully tested? or you got blocks? :slight_smile:


Sorry what do you mean with frame rate thing on low settings?


Not home so cant screenshot, but on that same page there is a setting to keep framerate or something low to save CPU. Cant send a screenshot right now


Started f/u today again on one account, but nothing happents! Its like it doesn;t find any targets to follow.
All done with EB.
No block issues or anything.
Anyone else with the same issues???


Same here, only
Contacted support but they are like always… trying to solve it myself, can’t figure out


I get |no more targets foud- check your filters " or something


hey guys, one of my clients got 7-day HARD BLOCK for actions

but can upload pictures and stories, usually 7 days hard blocks are a followup after AC, which never happened in this case, this account in fact was performing super well in last 4 weeks hitting its daily limits without any limitations.

I just found out tho, that client has been “Liking comments” of her own posts, which could be easily 40 to 50 per post, sometimes even 2-3 per day… do you reckon that could be the reason for the hard block?


Thanks a lot I found it! :smiley:


I would wait it out. I get those too but after waiting for the next cycle it start automating slowly.


Any solution to this problem yet?
I am experiencing the same thing.
Lucky if I can get 100 actions done per day


No solution yet
Have you contacted the support team?


fucking same issue, i am fucking angry right now! :smiley: i did the fucking stuff manuelly, wtf IG.


Same here, 50% of my accounts performing 18actions , 24 actions for the past 12 hours.
Let’s all contact support so they are aware of this !! Hope they fix it ASAP


Is it better though regardless of slower actions? I.e. less blocks for the rest of you?