[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


@Itsyourtime how long does a client need to refrain from following and unfollowing manually? Is this permanent?


yes i believe that the fact that your client is on his phone doing actions at the same time that you run it on Jarvee can contribute a lot to the block you got. but of course, it depends on the account trust score. One thing that seems to help on increasing one’s account trust score is doing lives on instagram mobile app at least 1min long once a day


Are you using API or EB?


Anyone found a solution for following not working with EB settings?


Only EB, and you?


We’re currently running manual method comments with someone in Florida dropping them, and then DM’s getting answered at the same time in Colorado. No issues.


manual is always better ! :slight_smile:
is anyone successfully running follow tool through API ?


I’ve switched to EB but still not hitting the limits, seeing a lot of action & temporary blocks still.


Even with 4G proxy and residential ip i get Action blocks on all accounts (aged as well). Mp cannot perform any action actually (counter is 0 everywhere)


Same here… No notifications error and executing, sometimes it follow 3-4 people and than just dont keep following without any notifications… wierd AF… I contacted J cause everything I’ve dont trying to fix it didnt work…


wish to back to previous version😭


Everything was all good before the update now Jarvee had to f@uk it up


don’t worry, big updates = bugs, it’ll level out. Things take time, software development is hard


hope the development will find a solutions


For some reason everything is smooth for me after the update.


@koin3190 Thank you, don’t worry I was only making jokes. I can wait lol


Hey guys, I have quit the management for the last 30 days, just get back on track, can you let me know if it’s working now or it’s still has follow/like blocks all the time like 2-3 months earlier? is 6000/30 days still affecting?


I’ve made the same, not using jv for a while…


I changed my settings to nearly opposite to my normal settings and I’m getting great results!

I hope this stays like this. I’m using DC proxies and have a single account to each proxy.



Hey :slight_smile: any chance you want to share the settings that you changed?