[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


Yes same problem at the moment…


same problem for me as well! Like exchange stopped working long ago for me actually… And I keep a good ratio of likes given/received


For those who are using EB to unfollow, I suggest you open up your EB while the unfollow tool is active and take a look :wink: looking promising, still think it needs some work but it could be a step in the right direction!


Can anyone share changelog for recent jv update? Thanks.


What are your experiences after the update? Before 90% of my accounts were doing 200 F and U per day. Now they are so slow they only reached 15 unfollows and 10 follows… ?? More people having this problem?


Seems like I’m okay with F, but UF is broken for me too… I’ve contacted support, do the same please so they’ll take a look at this problem.


Same here. I used to reach my daily F UF after 12 hours. Now half of them are made after 12 hours.


Also my cpu usage went from 30% to 90% I think that might be the problem


The problems is they made it more human-like but at the same time it actions a way slower now


This is my results in last days, residential proxy patience low and safe settings work with EB
not super high numbers but we keep working with our 100 accounts


Allow more EB’s to be open? They probably take longer to finish and keep the rest in queue will performing.


How do I allow more EB’s to be open?


Any suggestions?


increase the opening of eb according to the characteristics of your pc , if you have a powerful pc do so


Friend JV will open only 15 browsers for you, if you have 50 accounts, I recommend you open 50.


Put it as high as your CPU allows it.

Edit: Depends on how many accounts you run on a license. I’m at 250 each


Also make sure you check DOS Prompt eventvwr.msc & look through the logs, make sure no one is hacking your VPS. The other day I had 3 servers that were being targeted by brute force and the server’s were barely usable.


My server is barely usable. Can you tell me more about how to check this?


Already hitting 100% CPU 100% of the time


Try to check the frame rate thing on low settings and possible try not the run same starting or executing hours. Spread them

Mine is running 100% also with 250 accounts only f/uf and DM