[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


anyone experiences new Unfollow block as of today?

errorcode168 TimeOut occured


ErrorCode 67 - could not identify follow/unfollow button
Error Code 168 Time Out occurred
Error Code 116 occurred page not found
All kinds of issues happening right now.
Is it a result of this latest JV update from today?
Is it because IG is having issues today?
What a mess


Same here! 13 ch


I think all these error codes are a result of this JV update I just received.
I just contacted support to see if I can get an update on what is happening


im getting the same error codes after the sept 23rd update


I have a customer who did not do actions with me after June 4th wave. Yesterday she contacted me showing message AC because of using software help, and after doing a manual like. Is it possible that Instagram keep history to block accounts after so long time? what he should do?


For those with too many compromised, try this settings on your software:

Profile advanced settings

Social Platform Settings:


pause tool when temp block 1 min to 1 min? :smiley: can you give me a hint why you do this?


probably cause lots of blocks arent persisting but rather fake blocks


so it will try again in 1 minute? when will it stop?


Your better off using the new delay tool for this.
They built in an IF so you can set it to delay all tools for 10-15 minutes. If still blocked Delay for 240-360 or whatever


I don’t know about you guys but looks like engagement and growth are doing very well on the last 30 days.

Still using only 4G+ mobile proxies:

This one signed up days ago.


wow great results


amazing! i’m still trying to get past all the blocks, i’ve only had a few days of success, then blocks. i’m not aggressive and have a lot of breaks everyday, and still not great success.


are you using your own 4g proxy? how many acc do you run /proxy? and max follow like comment/day? did you get any action block?


I think one of the biggest issues were running into is that we can log out, log in, test an action and the action sticks, we close the EB and turn on the tool, and after 1-4 actions we hit a block.

For me, it’s frankly just luck, if the tool can continue for the rest of the day or not

Anyone have a method to ensure that the actions continue after a bit

cc: @Itsyourtime


Thanks brother.

Are you using mobile or dc’s?

Yes I’m indeed. Depends of the type(shared or private channel), normally between 5 and 20 per mobile proxy.

Settings intervals are totally random and as I can see with others, most of the settings are working at this point, the issues are mostly with software settings + proxy or lack of knowledge of the user on how to overcome false blocks and other issues but I’m working on a new solution to all those temp and action blocks, unfortunately it will be not posted on level1 for security purposes.

The lesser you can ever imagine at this point.
I think that proxy is playing a big part and I guess that because I can see results with many different settings with our proxies.

I’m almost sure I do for 80% of accounts, just need a little bit more time testing before do a proper post about it.


This is true, I just ran a test where an account of mine was hitting blocks almost immediately no matter the login/logout, rest, reset device id.

Switched proxy, logged in and out, and it was fine.


just the api, its a personal account


I also changed proxy, I solved