[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


run 20 acc/proxy. are you split them 50:50 ? morning-night & night - morning ? or you run them all ?
are you check suspend when temporary blocked between … and minutes… ? and check enable suspend on second block between? may i know for the best timer for setup?


I see that a lot too.

I mean mobile proxy or data center proxy? About API, please change to do all by EB if you want to have less blocks, follow as below:

Glad to know that dude.

Full time doing actions on those but also just for the record, over all accounts we’re managing there is no night time with any account for more than a month.

Yes, I checked suspend and using now between 15-30 but there is not many blocks as I can see. The ones that are there is mostly false blocks.


@Itsyourtime I just want to say thank you for supporting the whole community here :muscle:


thanks for sending @Itsyourtime ! i’ve had it as EB only it worked for a while, now its stagnant or false blocks (sometimes). I get blocks that state, blocked until a day ago, so i know they aren’t accurate. i haven’t used proxies…


I so deeply miss the days of no unfollow blocks - this is ridiculous lol

So many clients with stupid high followings


hi i see in your setting. you didnt check the “logout from ember browser when following using EB is blocked” anymore?


Hey man @Itsyourtime, great results and thanks for the help.

What are your settings like for like, comments, follow, unfollow, etc?
All of my accounts are getting hit hard right now with temp blocks.
I don’t have an http proxy avail, so I’m running a VPN (socks5) which distributes a static US residential IP. My setup worked for 2-3 days and I lost a couple of accounts, the others are all action blocked.

Any suggestions would be great.

These are my settings:

10 Follows per hour
10 Unfollows per hour
20 Likes per hour
3 Comments per hour
30 Story Viewer per hour

100 - 200 Follows per day
100 - 200 Unfollows per day
200 - 300 Likes per day
20 - 30 Comments per day
400 - 500 Story Viewer per day



yes need info for itstime setting.


bro, buy aged account or own create new account which work better for growing? thanks


You welcome dude, I’m glad to be able to help.

You should try proxies than. Looks like sometimes the static IP’s you’re using just get saturated.

Is not a bad idea changing IP here and there as we’re moving all the time.

Not anymore brother, it was bringing extra compromised and also customers complaining of many logins through the day, so I’ve unchecked those and the compromised reduced also customers stop to complain about that, when need to do, it’s done manually.

Most of those blocks are false blocks, open embedded browser, logout and login back on embedded browser and check if you’re performing actions. If it’s, stop and start back the tools, if it’s not, stop account totally for at least 2 days and check back, if it’s still blocked, stop two days more.

I’m working on many settings and planning to do a thread about a new solid solution to all.

For now I say that, your settings aren’t so different of mine, did you tried other proxies? or what mentioned above in this message?

Responded to your PM bro, but as I said, prefer aged, cheers.


Had a little thought earlier for those that have client accounts since its a huge risk of having them disabled.

So, try this…

Create your own accounts. Perhaps 5 duplicates of your clients accounts - then with these accounts that you’re testing settings on you should have in the bio saying to go to our primary account >> link.

It can only do positive - the client will never have their account compramised and you’ll be able to grow their account with the sub accounts. :+1::+1:


You’re talking about M/S basically


What’s M/S? :flushed:


Mother child method


that makes total sense. would you mind suggesting a few options for proxies? thanks in advance!


Don’t do M/S please, do you want Instagram to show you how big their d*ck really is?


Sure, send an inbox please.


I’m doing with some customers that don’t want to perform any actions with their account and is all good for months. And no, is not clone of the mains, are totally different pages with totally different content but in the same niche.


If you don’t mind me asking - How are you setting intervals for your 4g proxy, and how many accounts per proxy?

Most of my accounts are on DC, and the ones on 4g are split 1:6 - 2/2/2 - shifts


LOL what? Not sure if joking or not @Mastema