[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


Responded there.

And about settings intervals: They are totally random and as I can see with others, most of the settings are working at this point, the issues are mostly with software settings + proxy or lack of knowledge of the user on how to overcome false blocks or software bugs and other issues.


I don’t need to. I have my own accounts. No clients.


DC all the way :facepunch:


For sure there is many extremely high quality DC and DC’s that works but unfortunately most services well know by all of us and also by IG is bringing random issues to people and that is one of the reasons I’m trying to avoid to tell provider names on public forums.


you seem doesn’t use log out and log in featured after eb block?


Can anyone help me with this block on my dashboard? I keep getting error code 508, for the like tool. When I get the error, the switch is red, but the instant when I turn off the tool, it goes to blue? Is this a technical error?


I’m getting the same for unfollows on an account


Really? What is your method for jarvee, api or em? I swear this update was really a downgrade. I hope it is worth it in the end.


I’m using EB for everything but scraping


Hmm, perhaps I should turn off scraping because I did heard it causes blocks. How do you scrape for new sources if you don’t have it on?


If you don’t wanna use scrape you’d need to set up another account and just use that to scrape and then import that in. I haven’t tried this myself yet as I’m wondering how you can keep track of what accounts you are scraping from are decent as you can’t separate them out anymore to observe their follow back ratios


Oh wow, I haven’t even started scraping yet. I’ll test it out very soon. I was mostly keeping sources with high ratios with > (greater than) 0.1


You wanna try and find sources >0.15 really. With some of my accounts I have some at 0.3 and above. All depends on your niche though and how good the account is


Wow, that is good to know. Even though I am not scraping currently I still get action block, sigh… I cleared my cookies too. I am only testing with my account atm so no proxies atm. Stupid 508 error, you’d think Jarvee would’ve developed a fix for it by now.

Lol i got blocked for 2 days, sweet


I believe you actually can get their follow back ratios!


What are your Guys actual settings to get Jarvee running good?
Proxy’s are not my problem.
What are the Warm Up Settings /
I want to run. Comments / Follow / Unfollow / Story View / DM (only new followers)

I run Scrape accounts for everything but I still get unfollow blocks


Should I still logout of the embedded browser ? and if so : what should be the limit ?


What is your tools?


I would really be interested in your settings


I can’t say what warmup settings OP used, but these worked for me: