[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


Thanks for this info, I’m going to give it a go.

Is it still working for you?

I’ve noticed now that with my Proxy on, my tool is getting “like” blocked after about 300 actions.
It’s like IG now recognises that my Tool and Phone IP’s are different and so it blocks the tool.
This is just a theory at the moment.
It’s seems like IG is becoming far more aware/smarter about the actions of different tools out there.


Hi All
I have open two scrape accounts conected directly from my IP. They are feeding several acocunts each from same niche. No problems til now, they work smoothly and fast, I even stop them temporaly when account have enough sources to follow for several days.
I need to create more scrape accounts and I wonder if I should use proxies as mother accounts do. Is it necesary to make them work from a proxy when they are not doing more activity than scraping?

Thanks for your feedback


UPDATE FOR EVERYONE struggling with LE

test your seed accounts with different setup.

here what it works for me;

some of them work only with EB
some of them work ONLY with API

LE settings
blue verified accounts 800likes 20session
regular accounts 500likes 10session

remove your accounts,
and re-add your seeds

I use 4G connections


what is LE? Thanks


Like Exchange on Jarvee


Really need help! How can i scrape from slave accounts for just commenting to send to my other accounts. Also for the scrape accounts should i use 4g proxies or regular rest proxies? Need help on how to scrape on J from certain hashtags and send automatically JUST for commenting. Thank you


For Commenting only : just check the box to follow --> Extracted users --> send to account --> Comment tool

I use 4g Proxies for scraping but it doesn’t really matter because you can always make new scrape accounts.


What do you want to scrape?
Just use another account and scrape the action you want to scrape from.


are you still getting block? using mother and slave account?


It doesn’t prevent blocks, it’s meant to do less api calls… so in theory it should reduce blocks… I don’t notice any difference.

What I do notice the difference in is its using less resources. Instead of… for example 500 accounts scraping at once, you could have 25 doing the scraping so the only actions the 475 accounts will be doing is following, liking, etc.


Is anyone having any luck just running off their normal internet router IP and just skipping using proxies altogether or is this way still causing issues as well?

I’m using a mac with a VPS currently but if a home IP is working I may just buy a cheap laptop just for Jarvee and run from my own router to save hassle


this depends on how many accounts you plan to run mate… more than 5 on same IP is not good. up to five is good


I am getting temp blocked


using mother and slave account still getting temp block?


Yes 508 temp blocks


Guys im still struggling on how to send extracted users from a scrape account to a just commenting account.

I want to comment on the most RECENT pictures under HASHTAGS. Now i did extract users on the scrape account, auto send, checked off just send extracted users to comment sources. Now i turn on the follow tool for the scrape account, it scrapes, nothing happens. What do i check off on the account thats actually commenting… comment on hashtags? Because where do i put in my spyntax comments. Really need some help here guys. Thank you so much!


Hi there,

Need some advice.
I want to follow people when they are the most likely to be active on instagram (early morning and during the evening).
So my execution time is fixed.

If I want to increase the number total of follow per day, what is the safest solution?

  • decrease the delay between the operation?
  • increase the number of operation?

Currenty I’m in warm up mode with 4 to 15 follow at each operation occurring each 25 to 60 min.
(with eb only, but I planned to try api as many people seem to be OK with api)

Thanks in advance!


Can anyone confirm home IP works better (than 4g) for bots now ?


Do you actually find results from the L.E? I’m still debating whether to use


In follow settings of scraping account, in follow limits, check " send to extracted users" maybe that is the sollution.