[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


I am using 4.scrape accounts from my ip, not any problem by now.


scrape or client account to do actions?


I think that’s a little simplistic, not all 4g networks are the same and not all residential networks are the same. Which is why some will work fine on both and some not…


I’m far from an expert, but from the information I’ve gathered I would advise against this strategy. For one, IG is a global platform. Morning and evening doesn’t really mean much across the entire spectrum of users. Everyone is on at different times. Secondly, while you may not be doing many actions now, having a narrow time frame will severely limit your growth due to only being able to perform a certain number of actions per hour. I would recommend setting up a different strategy that doesn’t narrow your active time down so much.


mmm so the solution seems to be popular now. I use a scrapper account… seems to work less well.


yes, it works.
slower than before but it works.


I think decreasing delay in each operation is better than follow per


Yes I get it.

But my strat is for the moment to start with French people, so targeting French followers of account.
So I’m pretty sure that my execution time is relevant.
But that still let me 8 hours per day which is OK no?


yeah same here, Instagram may act ´dumb´ but they knoww for sure what´s going on


Yes I would say 8 hours is plenty of time.


Do any of you use API?


yes mate working good


Yes I am using API on some accounts and working just fine but other accounts, as soon as I start a tool using API, it can’t even do 2 actions in before getting “blocked” so I think it’s just luck to be honest. I have tried resetting IDs etc. but nothing works so far. The accounts that are blocked on API are doing actions via EB only.


I’ve encountered similar issues, as I got my IP banned for too many accounts, even though I’ve used proxies. After doing some digging I’ve found that it’s recommended to use 1 proxy per acc - more on it here: https://proxyway.com/guides/how-to-unblock-instagram Also, I’ve been using free proxies that I’ve found online, that’s another big mistake of mine. Different proxies are good for different means on IG, but you should never use a free one. Maybe this will help: https://proxyway.com/guides/best-proxies-for-instagram


i have some problem with my main account
i have 3 accounts running normally doing F/U and some like - about 100 - 150 for a day
using the EB only
but my main account can’t do any action
i always gets blocks after 2 - 10 action
i try let the account rest for a long time
try to clean cookies and reset the IDS noting helped
on my last test i try to do only likes after let the account rest for 2 weeks
and after 15 likes using the EB( with a big delay) i get block and get the MASSAGE inside the EB that the account is blocked
i do check on the app and it not get the block so i switch to API and after 7 more likes a get the hard block agine to can’t do any action for 6 days

someone having the same problem
that its impossible to do automation on a specific account? ( this account can do manual actions no problem on the same IP) …
any ideas?


I am having the same issue on a few accounts.
The answer is probably to let it test and let the block expire.
It’s being detected in the EB and you need to reset the device Id and proxy.


I had the same problem during this summer. I suggest you don’t relogin the account when action block incomes, don’t do any action on it. Then wait 24/48 hours after the action block date, start the warmup with new IP: 1st day 10 follows, 2nd day 25 follows, 3rd day 50 follows, etc. increase by 25 everyday just on Jarvee or other app. You can login and use IG app at the period warmup end


Any news on the API update?


Hello, anybody noticed EB blocks? been flawless running for 6 weeks straight but starting yesterday/today three of my account seem to be EB blocked

tried resetting Device IDS + clearing cookies, still blocked after 1 interaction… WTF do I do :smiley:


Constantly fighting error code 168 and 508, no idea how to get rid of them.
Tried many, many different tests and the codes constantly return