[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


Not that I have heard.
A month ago they said the API update was only 2 weeks away.
No one seems to know when it will arrive and when it does I am sure it will be full of bugs just like this EB update.
Still fighting blocks with EB


In one thread i read that it should be ready at the end of this month.


What is this api update supposed to implement? Not sure how much can really change considering this is instagram wide for every user not just automation


I had same problem with 60% of the accounts 2 days ago. I let it rest for 48 hours, then clean cookies, reset id and change proxy. I also unmarked option “enable to suspend on second block”, all reds became blue. Now doing warm up again.


scrape accounts


I started getting this issue a few days ago, just after switching from client’s accounts doing the scraping to a dummy account doing the scraping and then sending the results to the client’s account. I’m wondering if doing no scraping on the client’s account is causing the blocks somehow.


Had the exact same problem with my main account! I have 150k followers with huge engagement but I cannot automated it anymore to do likes at all. It gets blocked after doing about 10 likes, even though it had been resting for three months!
I have loads of child accounts that I’m running (on separate proxies) and they’re all completely fine right now


That’s a good tip about resetting the device ID @lanceparrish - thank you so much for reminding me I will try that on mine!


Yes I noticed that also recently @amdrejo - only for the last week or so has this has been happening to me after having weeks of hardly any blocks at all on eb


Child accounts, in my case , are the ones who gets more error 508, with a very light settings…


Anyone successfully using DC? Seems like my Raw Mobiles are the only things that have limited issues these days


Well my accounts worked for a solid 24 hours after the update, now 50% compromised lol


Yes, I do. You get more blocks, but i can still work with them.


some updates about my situation…
my likening problem was from a not good setting
im trying to “awake” my followers by doing likes only to my followers
but i do the likes to fast 20 - 60
i change it to a mach biger times 120 - 400 and now everything running ok :hugs:


Dont know if this will help but:

Since the last J update, havent been able to reach my daily limits

  • Ive upped to lower delays, more actions to offsite the delays say like 300 daily but cap at 100-200
    *on 4g
  • seems to be working fine, finally getting back to the 100-200 range
    *problem the last 5 days are so is running into lots more 508 and 168 errors
    *temp blocks are more or less the same

only real problem is the 508 and 168 - ive asked J and they know of this and are working on a solution. The change language to eng didnt work for me at all (a supposed solution)

Hope this helps~


Hello all, I am using automation on some of my accounts. I recently just signed a account up on Jv (as I have got a new client) and within a day it seems that are blocked on Jv only (using API to do actions) my client is getting “We’re removing inauthentic likes and follows” msg shown on her feed. This use to happen during the June July tough times but I havent seen it in a while until now.

What should I do with this account? Should i sign out of Jv and just do manual actions?

Thanks in advance guys.


Open embedded browser and try to perform actions, if you are able, restart tools, if you are not able to do actions, logout from embedded browser and login back and try again. if you are able, restart tools, if you are not able to do actions, clear cookies and if it does not solve the issue, try the last thing that is reset device ID, if still wont work, rest accounts 24 to 48h and try again.


Should i be worried about the We’re removing inauthentic likes and follows message?


In my opinion is too soon for conclusions.


I receive 508 and 168 every day on various accounts for several weeks.
No has been able to provide a solution for me.
I have tried a multitude of different tests with no real remedies.
Logging out and back in is a temporary solution at best.
508 seems to be the worst as I need to rest the account for at least 24 hours and sometimes 48 hours and that does not work.
168 seems to fix itself, but 508 seems to last until logging out and then it will return.
If anyone has a solution that has worked, please post it. I would be very interested in trying it.
Thank you