[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


This works almost all the time.


New user, been following this thread and forum for a while now… been using J for just 1 account, ~3 weeks, very moderate usage (~50-75 actions a day) with no blocks so far.

For F/U growth, do people leave F and U at the same time (to maintain roughly constant followings), or do they leave F on (only) and switch to U (only) when some upper following limit is reached (7.5K or whatever).

Just trying to figure out if one of these avoids blocks better. Thanks!


Safer to F/UF at the same time to avoid blocks


For over a year i’ve done it so f/uf is safe at the same time @koven to each their own of course. Maybe it might be safer but it’s not proven at all


I’ve done both successfully.

Just curious - are you guys all getting blocks routinely? I was doing ok until the last two weeks or so. About 5% of my accounts have ongoing problems. Most just need the 'ol cookie clear/proxy switch/relogin.


The issue seems to me the constant buggy updates aswell. They are coming too fast and not solid.

Edit: i’m greatful for the software that’s being the #1 in the game yet with all new bandaids it’s becoming a mess at times.

I try to postpone updates as long as possible if it’s even possible


Is the Human movements still working on EB (the scrolling etc.)? because when I watch my EB while it does actions, i cant see any happening.


508’s are like the 168 for me - they eventually clear. I dont rest as it “fixes” itself. Problem is dont know when: say for example one account may only do 20 because of these errors, then the next day over 100, then 40… its all over the map. Not as consistent and smooth as say 2 updates ago (i think it was 2 weeks back)

Problem is that they get in the way of the intervals and lose precious time so not getting through daily limits…

Also getting new error i think it was 48 for DMs anyone else getting it?


Error 43 here too, most accounts do not send DM’s at all. Also seeing some no reason “embedded browser has crashed during operations” after last update, please report to the support team with the logs, I did already.


yep sent already hopefully they find a solution


Everyone should do that, they need to understand this is a global issue but also the more logs they see, faster they find a solution.


Same issue. Cant find the message button error.


Are you stopping the follow actions when you receive the 508?
How long does it take for your 508’s to clear?
My 508’s never clear until I logout


Do you reset devices IDS to clear the 506/168, log in log out accounts or?


first try to logout the EB



Hey guys, got the COMPROMISED error in the EB but not in my clients phone. Do you have some advice?
It’s wired


Hello guys, I just would like to kindly follow up on this and make sure other people are in the same boat

Thanks in advance


I can see mine scrolling and browsing like human when on EB.


I have changed my EB useragent to my actually PC and not the EB Useragent for the Andriod phone that Jv provides, that could be the reason as to why i cant see the movements

I just feel like a “normal” users is more likely to do actions via a windows or mac pc rather than chrome on a phone if that makes sense, so im not sure what to do.


How were the results? Did you notice any changes?