[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


I haven’t used the Jv android EB since August probably and I have only received 1 block on an account (i just signed out and back in and the block was gone) since using actual pc user agents, however there is no scrolling or any human movements. I might test using the Android EB for a few days/weeks and I will see which does better for my accounts but off the top of my head, I could imagine doing actions from an actual PC is more “easier to believe” or more human like in my opinion


In my case, in most of accounts 168 and 508 fix itself, but i have a couple of them that get more errors than average since they started. After three days as there was no way to fix it themselves, I did log out and in today clear cookies and I got AC. I guess they have very low trust score.In those two accounts I had very low settings as they were supersensitive, but not even with low settings i could made them work.


Going to try a full 24 hrs run with multiple intervals and see if I can still get my daily actions done. Hopefully the lower follows per hr can help offset the little blocks.
The temp blocks, 168, and 508 errors is giving me insane delays and not getting the actions done

Can anyone confirm if this works or have any problems?


lovely days

Error 33 unfollows
error 508 follows
error 168 likes
error 43 DMs

my will to live 100


I am doing lower follows per hour and i was succesful in some of them, in others no results. There are accounts heavly afected and they will be AC soon or late. Others, i do not know why, they more or less fixed it, maybe they have some 508 but they get fixed by themselves.


You get 168 also in follows


log out from the EB it should fix it



Please my friend


Last case scenario is reset device ID but try it out.


Guys, please send your logs to support with all of the errors you’re getting, the more people sending, the faster the response time and possible solution :slight_smile:


@Muggarditch is still there as I can see.


@LanceParrish All my accts were doing so well until about 14 days ago also. It’s really frustrating and I can’t work out what’s changed :angry:


This error 508 is a pain in the ass. It is so random, what is the recipe T__T


I have been trying to fix 508 for days and days.
No one can tell me what is causing and it no one can tell me how to fix it.
I have asked on numerous threads and I have asked JV as well.
I have tried many, many, many things.
Logging out and back in after 24 hours was temporarily working for me, but as of today that trick is not even working for some of the accounts.
Every day seems to be a new type of problem
If anyone knows how to fix it, please post - it would be much appreciated it.


What do they recommend for you to do?


Wait 24, 48 hours or more or use mother/slave accounts.
Waiting has not helped and I am not inclined to create 20 slave accounts as I really do not think creating slave accounts is the solution to the 508 error code
There has to be a better solution.


I hope they are working on fixing this :"(


It’s basically been over 3 months since API has not been working properly.
They keep saying the API update is two weeks away, but they have been saying that for about 6 weeks, so I have no idea when or if a solution is coming


Havent touched API for months. Always ACs. I recent set up a new test account and literally forgot to put into EB only - within 2 days got hit with AC.


I never get this error, why? Or is an Background error?