[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


I receive 508 error code as an follow action block.
Congrats on running 400 accounts without receiving this block. That is awesome!
How are you doing this? Are you following manually?
Please share your secret if you will
I receive 508 on several of my accounts every day.
I am using mobile proxies exclusively with EB and different proxy providers.
Are you using your own proxies?
You must have some kind of set-up or checking some boxes that I am not doing.
Thank you for any info you can share


Same here - I don’t have proof yet but I think that it has to do with overlapping the actions of the client. I’m in general having more success moving people to night actions.


In night actions there is also 508 and 168, not sure if less during the night.
Anyway, today more than 508, there were too many 168. I watched eb and Jrv did not click the follow buttom. Results not many actions during the day.


Dont think thats the case as I dont manage clients but still got same problems


Sorry I share the screen on lv2. Sorry


Are you using DC for all accounts? :slightly_smiling_face:

How many likes you perform? 1 Like x 1 Follow? When do you think to start unfollows? :thinking:


Deleted, and posted on lvl 2 :slight_smile:

Follow block only in jarvee, what does it mean?

yeah I started getting this problem too :frowning:


So something weird is happening for me, I was on API doing comments, and I would get capped at about 10 - 15 comments daily before getting temp blocked. Following everyone’s advice I changed it to EB to test the next day, but it would get error 508 blocks before even making 1 comment. But when I change it back to API, it works. Huh?

This has been happening for a few days now. Even on accounts I rest for over 48 hours, then changing it to EB, it still gets blocked before hitting one comment. I also did the whole clear errors and cookies etc.

**update: Tried something different since I found it weird that accs were getting blocked instantly. On accs that havent run automation for the day, I go in the EB and manually comment, and it works. Could it be caused by the new scrolling/human behavior?


I get the same with follows. It won’t even do one follow and says it’s blocked in the EB. Even with new client accounts. The fact it’s getting blocked before even doing one action, suggests that something is getting picked up, causing the block.

I’m going to do some testing with the new scrolling/human behaviour turned off. Thing is, since that was introduced, I’ve hardly had any ACs, so it’d be a shame if that had to be switched off.


For those getting the 508 error, rest them until unblocked (or use an account that hasn’t automated for the day), and try doing the actions manually on EB. See if it makes a difference, because if it does then I am guessing its likely the new feature causing it.


So many error messages lately. A lot harder to get to 180 actions daily.


JV got a scrolling/human behavior feature?


sorry what new feature are you referring to?

Seems like the 508 appeared i think 2 updates ago and its been non stop since


Hi guys, Can anyone give their $2 cents regarding what to do when accounts get PV on mobile proxies (I’m just posting content on them once a day).

Is it standard practise to let them rest for 24/48 hours or go manual for a few days?


I could easily be wrong but I was referring to the human behavior feature since that’s the major new update to EB.


ah gotcha!


I just phone verify and go again without rest. I use my own sim cards though, if you use a brand new number every time you get PV it raises a flag.


They do, as you can actually disable that feature for faster performance. So human behavior is applied on EB


HOnestly I found manual posting to be much better because for some reason Instagram gives my automated posts worse engagement than if I did it manually