[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


Is anyone deleting the cache on a daily basis with success? Is it all of the cache or only part of the cache? If only part, how much? I notice deleting cache often fixes blocks and wondered if doing this once a day will reduce blocks.


Do you mean cache or cookies?


Apologies, I mean cookies! So deleting cookies seems to remove blocks and I wondered if there’s any sense in doing it daily. What’s in the cookies that’s causing the blocks?


I wonder this too. Why not?


It’s nothing in the cookies that’s causing the blocks. Your current session is stored in the cookies. Deleting them is essentially giving you a new session. You shouldn’t clear cookies too many back to back, it will impact the account negatively. Simply logging out, and back in should give you a new set of cookies.


Last time I logged in and out with a sensitive account, it got an AC, my first AC, and I guess not the last :slight_smile:


What is everyone currently trying to get around the blocks? Is resetting Device ID / Clearing Cookies still a move? These are accounts that I’ve had for months that the blocks just do not want to go away on…


are you using data center proxy or 4g proxy?


Datacenter proxy!


Did anyone found a solution for the unfollow block and would like to share settings?


getting really tough T_T


follow and like using API still work?


You been under a rock?


Last week I tried API in an account bombed by 508 in EB, result, AC before first follow.


I feel like sometimes accounts that perform actions only EB remains stuck or actions blocked.
however the action block is not everytime real or persistant and I double check clearing cookies first and ----> actions ----> browse embedded and personally checking if the action block panel pops up.
most of time this process let the account start running again without issues (until the next =P )


In my case all accounts that got EB blocks have the same problem with repeating suspicious pattern. They get blocked soon, or in the following batch of actions after going outside of their planned interval, which results in two accounts on the same proxy doing actions in the same time.
So the block may appear during the evening interval, but logs show that they followed people with another account on the same second during the night. Check your logs.


I’m performing around 80 daily follows through API without any issues, just temporary blocks (using scrape accounts to minimize calls).


where do you see the 508 error ? I can’t see it … I use only EB.


Are you performing this Follows in Client Accounts?


slave aged accounts, created through iPhone.