[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


Got my first account comprised, had to change the password. Any recommendations as what i should do? should turn off automation for a while. I can still follow/unfollow etc manually through the app.


use search tool, absolutely let the account rest !


ok thank you, any recommendation as to how long. And should i just enter the new password into JV when i signed in again after resting the account.


i would wait 7-14 days without Logging into J again.

then reset device IDs and cookies and start super slowly w/ one interaction.


ok cool, I don’t use a proxy btw, I only run two accounts on my home ip. Would you still recommend to reset device id


relogin seems to not work anymore since last update. on all accounts it says " account XXX failed to logout with" anyone else is expierencing it?


Hello, I just would like to ask, with regards to the unfollow tool. When I untick the first filter (the one in the image) does that mean that Jv will only unfollow users that Jv has followed that haven’t followed back?

I may be having the issue whereby when having the unticked, Jv is unfollowing all users that haven’t followed back (including the ones that my client has followed)

*I have not ticked “unfollow users outside Jv”

Please let me know if anyone else is experiencing this.


I have a few Twitter accounts that are on the same proxies as IG accounts. These twitter accounts are also getting Error 505 unfollow blocks. These errors have to be MP bugs.


I think error 505 is no internet connection, so proxy…


All proxies are fine though. I think MP is timing out.


Ok yeah, just saw somne of those myself and checked. Could be an MP issue then. Also getting tons of *error code 168 - timeout occured… Any one knows wht that could be?


On twitter I have a lot of error 43, undo retweet anchor was not found. I am not having 505


I always get blocked if I try to make api calls on an account that my wife is logged into if she is using the account on her phone. If I F/U on my phone, it works fine, so they must be detecting the api calls somehow. I’ve also noticed I tend to get blocked from liking/commenting more in the web interface. Seems like the phone apps have the most lenient blocking rules.


hey is anyone getting error code 33 for unfollow?
i have a lot of accounts which are getting that error for unfollow


Is it a no go to use the phone while Jarvee is running and doing follows and likes? Does it matter?


Did one follow on EB today - got an AC immediately.

I need a drink…


same with me…always getting this problrm


Did one follow on EB today - got an AC immediately.

I need a drink too :stuck_out_tongue:


Have not changed any setting, full EB and I got 4 AC today. wtf?


you guys been watching stories?