[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


im not. jv support suggested not using stories or to lower settings if getting AC


I am running low settings for a month and I get ACs, it is not question of settings (unes following 90 people per day is too agresive)


how much actions thru api?


I think by setting accounts to auto log off when block will lead to AC. Many of my clients receive multiple logins within same day then hit with AC soon after that. Maybe should not log in and out more than once a day?


im runing 4G mobile RAW. i got so many actionn blocked almost for 4-5days…and get compromised/email verification here…i run 5-10acc/proxy. its split… 5acc start from 5AM-10PM and 5more start from 11PM-5AM . dont know why i get so many action blocked…before this its normal.
im only using EB. not API


Try splitting your shifts into 5 more little shifts so one account is running at each time (make sure they are randomized too), see if that helps. If it doesn’t then my next advice is to try a different proxy provider. Make sure settings are super low.


i split 2times.its not enough? 5acc start from 5am - 10pm. and 5more 11pm to 5am.
every acc run 200follow+150likes+25comment+5repost story+20dm


any example setting? because i need to run 15acc max /proxy


guys what do you do when you get AC. do yall just log back in with the new password. Need a little help here. pls lol


Why exactly do you run 5 accounts for 17 hours and the other 5 for only 7? :joy:


you mean i split with same hour? its okay if i run acc for 12hour and follow 200/day? 20-25following/hour for every account? because its to many following in every hour.


Pretty much… not much more else you can do? Maybe slow down actions a bit if you’re concerned about losing said account.


repost seem to be a total b**** for me… try turning it off


slow down, let account rest for good 7 days at least, then start with One tool only


Same here, liked one picture and AC


yes.but still not work.


guys not feeling to good about this one, just got an AB (will expire in 2 days) after AC. 508 error is bodying me… Contacted J support, basically told me reset ids and to use the newly updated api + scrapper account. Have anyone used the full api emulation option.


you started interactions RIGHT after EB?


Hi guys, I would like to ask if anyone has experience with new blocks at Jarvee? My experience is that I get actions block, it doesn’t work for like, follow, unfollow … I tried it manually via mobile, everything was fine. According to advice I tried reset device id, sometimes only clear cookies were enough, this time none helped. What can cause this problem, any advice? I only follow through EB.


no answer…I guess it means nobody knows…