[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


I tried this and it’s worked well so far on a few accounts. But one account I received a temp block for a few hours. Anyone know why? Or what the solution could be?

Edit: I asked the client to follow a user a few minutes after I got the block notification and my client was able to follow successfully with no block.

What’s up with that? :thinking:


How many accounts do you use per 4g proxy? 10?


Can you please confirm if if the option use embedded if api blocked is the solution for now? Cause when I use this I end up having blocks. Resetting cookies runs a couple and blocks again. But when switching to use EB only it somehow runs smoothly. I run my test accounts on 4G


What’s up with that? :thinking:

That’s is a API block. You have some solutions on the topic but the best is to reduce actions, clean cookies and start back extremely slowly after that.

8-10 yes normally yes.

In that case, It’s a solution for now but as you may know is not the best solution because we need to do actions by the EB when action blocked on API and that leave fingerprints but it is indeed a temporary solution.

How many actions are you doing?


That’s is a API block. You have some solutions on the topic but the best is to reduce actions, clean cookies and start back extremely slowly after that.


any of you experienced a solution for reposting? I can’t seem to get it working even after clearing cookies/resetting device ID/changing IP (4G)

Always says its “out of sources”


Well my friend. This right here was EXACTLY the answere to my question :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for the redirection and the link. Here is everything described :pray:


Thank you for the effort that you put into this :slight_smile: Much appreciated dude! Btw are your slave accounts that are you currently testing right now has a link or a tagged mother on their bio? Because from my testings I start to get blocks when Im putting the links or the tagged mother.


This is exactly what I’ve been thinking about too !


Thank you for sharing bro.
IG automation is going to be harder, in the past I also can follow 500-1000 users per day/ But not just 10-50 :))


Thanks, noted. I will try this on a few of my blocked accts and see what happens.


Once you’ve confirmed the follow block is gone (ie via the manual EB follow). Do you keep others tools going during that first 48h wait time and just keep the follow tool off or do you shut everything off?


Great share thank you! I still have clients accounts that have follow blocks even on their phone. What I did is I stopped all automations but I don’t know how to escape from the Block. Any advice?


Let’s hope this temporary solution will stay for some time !
Good work and share, thanks !


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The issue with reposting is “trust score” down. You should definitely turn off all activities on accounts and wait till it came back to work

Guys I will respond to all of you asap.


Right? I don’t get it, looks like they don’t want people to know it or what?


Sorry :dizzy_face:


Hi, please u r able to run 100 accounts on single mobile proxy? Could you please send me your provider with your affiliate link? :slight_smile:


He removed his comment, and now? Keep on lv2?