[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


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You welcome brother.

I’m using only a few so maybe you are using too many or doing too many actions?

Yes it’s changing and we need to adapt.

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Please keep us updated.

Yes I leave the rest of the tools working with moderate settings, only follow tool turned off.

If they’re on their phone, the best is to wait, for how long they’re blocked? Since 4th june? How many actions were doing with those accounts?

It’s staying already my friend, if they don’t update the algorithm drastically again, I think we will be good to go.

What I told was that you can run up to that number on big cities mobile proxies, I didn’t told I’m doing it sorry, yes sure I’ll inbox you.

Maybe he is like blocked? Check Eb please to see if you’re able to like there.


Hi, thanks a lot for the great share! I have a more less 100 accounts of Brazil, with DC proxies of Brazil, my question to you guys, You think that the location of the proxies is an important thing now? Because find 4G proxies of Brazil is really difficult. And I appreciate if you can share with me some sites to buy 4g proxies.


The best is to get proxy close to your customer location but if it’s mobile, it can work out.

We’ve 60% of our customers in Brazil and we use european and russian proxy with them, there is no issues(if you can get closer, better).


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How do i clear cookies for just one account? I have multiple clients.


Check there brother


i appreciate you. thank you.


Waiting for your dm reply, thanks for all the help!


Thanks for sharing!

Btw, do you mean you follow 400 per day and do only following for 15 days and and then unfollowing for 15 days straight?
Don’t you get complaints for not getting any followers while you only do unfollowing?

Do you mind sharing the hourly, daily limit you set on likes, view stories, like comments also?


I meant was like, the account with max was 405, I didn’t mean that I’m doing 400 on all accounts, a few(exactly 3 accounts from 147 on the same server - can’t see a pattern) are going to 400 and others around 200 other 100 per day but always do f/u with a interval of 5 days.


Great share!

I think there is an issue that many people are missing and it is a long-term follow limit, such as 6 months or 12 months.

I have many accounts (a few dozen, approximately) that have done less than 20 follows in the last 30 days.

I have tried EB, logging in and out, restarting follow tool, resetting device IDs, switching to other HQ residential proxies, etc. The block still persists on MP API, EB, and client phone.

These accounts have performed about 300k follows in the last 12 months and I think that is why they are still blocked.


Yes I think that too. I take that as something to look always, how long your’ve been blocked? It’s the follow tool turned off since them right?


These got blocked on June 4th of course. Then I stopped all tools until June 29th (calculated as the date that the trailing 30-day follow count would be down to 4,500). Restarted follow tool very slowly. Got 1-10 follows to stick via API, then action block. Action block consistent on EB and client phones.

Since then have been playing it on a 48 hour rule but with no improvement.


I advice to keep monitoring with the follow tool always turned off (test on phone and embedded browser only, if it stays on, the tool will try to follow and get blocked again), when you see it’s back, do not follow anyone for at least 48h, I guess you did wrong was to start them right way without warming up extremely slowly, maybe manually follow 1 today, 3 tomorrow, 5 after tomorrow and so on so forth.

It’s trial and error in that case.

That is what I would do myself.


Hi @Verona,
you have helped this community a lot - not only with your proxies, but also because you shared very interesting test results in the past… Pretty sure you are also testing current a lot… May I ask you:
what do you think about the settings in the first post?

Did you maybe try something similar and how did it work for you?

Thank you for the info :smiley: :+1:


What is your thoughts?


I am thankful for your thread :blush: Sorry, I didnt ask VERONA as I have doubts about your information. It is just I dont have many acc.s any more (I shut off 90-95% of them) and dont have the capacity for proper testing… That is why I just wanted to hear another expert opinion :slightly_smiling_face:
Didnt mean to offend you or something, sorry, if it seemed like that


Thank you, that is so kind of you.

Have a great evening.


I got a lot of messages from other users that got their follow block lifted after read and follow the instructions on this topic

I want to ask to everyone please stick with the thread and also let others know if it works or not.

I’ve dozens and was almost a 100 of inbox to reply minutes ago and most are questions about this thread.