[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


Does the application in the list of tasks show you every time how it will do “follow” actions that the account liked the last post?
For me, almost nothing shows that he liked the last post.
It showed maybe from 3x and now from 2 hours nothing.
He does only follow, he watches stories but I do not see in the information that he likes the last post.

And did you notice a problem that arises that accounts in EB take up a lot of memory, which means that API accounts do fewer actions per day because EB takes up a lot of space.


I think that problems are api related, it’s just a matter of actions and follow the steps on the thread till it go away


Just did 80 follows on my phone consecutively now and no blocks, within 60m I’ll do 80 more and will be doing the next 10 hours let’s see, I’ll keep you update.


Guys I moved back this thread to lv1, please do not mention any software names or it will go back to lv2 unfortunately.

Thank you!


Ultimate Suberbot v69.99


But are they following using api or eb now?


Exactly how it’s on the steps of this thread.


Reading through this thread and seeing a few things that can’t be mentioned in level 1. Moved level 2.


Why don’t just remove the comment? I sent two messages to the people already.


We cannot edit comments… The rules aren’t here to make things more challenging. There here to make things safer. Could you imagine if our automation softwares were no longer available at all? Some people make a living off of this game. Jeopardizing that is just not worth it. If people can withdraw their comments then we can move it back to level one. Simple solution.


This is unbelievable and frustrating!!!


Are your fresh made accounts blank or profiled upon creation?


That shouldn’t be enable in all forum levels, period.


@tacos is making some really great points here.
All of us want to help eachoter stay safe here. That’s all this is, dude. :slight_smile: We have to have the developers’ backs. That’s why they have ours! Ya know?
Upon starting a license and agreeing to the terms, it should just be a given that the rules are followed. Honestly, it’s kind of a respect thing as well. It’s okay to make a mistake when you’re new to the forum type thing but once it’s learned, it should be followed. We are all a community and we all need to stand together to ensure the safety of our devs! They work too hard for us to so easily break the one thing they ask of us in return for their incredible programming.


Now you’ve a purpose to stay on lv2? Come on! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy:


It’s been directly and indirectly mentioned way too much at this point, man. It cannot be moved back after the past few posts.
Nobody here wants things to be level 2 opposed to level 1. Seriously it’s no difference to those that are level 2… Not sure why you think we “want” it level 2. It’s just for the safety aspect. That’s the only thing we care about, lol.
Please just understand the intentions here.
Have a great day/night!


Really? Thank you


I think i broke something, the account i tried your method on are all in initializing and stuck on that phase. any suggestions? I checked off the embedded browser follow like and comment, did the same on the setting of each account and later even erased the cookies. My proxies are Henrys residential and all these account were liking comments but were stuck on the follow block. any suggestions?


Maybe is something wrong with the setup of your profile, advanced settings or settings - social platforms - instagram.

Try to clear the cookies, start and stop the tool and check, check also if you’ve not run out of sources.


Your right clearing the cookies did the trick… thank you