[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


Glad to know that. You welcome brother


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Thanks for the answer. Yes they are blocked since 4th of June and some evene before and they were doing many actions before.


yes, exactly that


The worst thing is that I do not see that he performs likes after the “follow” dish, he can sometimes show information that he liked the photo after doing “follow” but it is very rare.
I do not see him doing likes with this option enabled.
Does anyone have the same problem?
Settings I have nothing else I set …
Do I have to set up something in a separate like? :frowning:


Yeah, for me “like after follow” is not working properly either. Don’t think there are any blocks. Already sent support an email, I’ll see what they respond…


I also sent an email.
In a separate option, where you set up for hasztagi etc …
Works normally only when this option does not work :frowning:


And if watching massive history also slows you down other activities and does not do so much activity what to do?
And after turning off the viewing of mass history, all actions are performed normally in time.
Do you have it too?


Thank you for useful information! Hope everyone will solve their problems :wink:


HI, @SkinnyGirl. First of all thanks for the mention and thanks to @Itsyourtime for this thread.

On my end, i have no issues with accounts performing via EB. When i got an API related issues - my steps were the same: reset device id, wait 48 hours, set accounts to perform via EB only and run it.

But I’m a bit worried exactly about performing in EB, cuz if the automated software is designed well, it emulates android device and IG can’t identify the launcher, so there is no way to detect the software usage. But why the common instagram user would use the browser while he already has installed official mobile app. There is no one reason. And its exactly the way how the “bot” accounts could be identified


Would be funny if all this mess is just a trap against botters. Mark actually laughing reading this thread


It’s. I did on my phone 500 follows last 24h without blocks, today I’ll do 800 and tomororrow 1000 if instagram allow me, I want to see where it will get blocked.

You can do 100 consecutively follows on phone with no blocks. Why we can do that amount only on the phone?

Maybe because this:


we are playing with checker pieces and IG has chess pieces. It almost seems like every solution we get has a counter measure. maybe moving this to a higher level is a better idea


I’ve faith that developers will find a way soon. I’m mean it’s working but it’s limited.

The issue is with devices… Like if they change device from samsung to any others, don’t know, let’s see.


real question is : is 6000K/30 limit is real on real device. even tho it is just a theory

Also, how changing device from samsung to another would solve something ?


I have sent you a DM, hope to hear from you. And thanks for all the value!!


That’s what I’m trying to find out.


You welcome.

I’ll respond to you all in same minutes. I’m so sorry there is too many inbox now.


This isn’t big deal because gmt2 uses other devices user agents and they have blocks too.
Yes is in device problem, emulator detection and maybe reverse app detection too, so it will give low trust score to accounts.

My question here is does any one tried to put their personal account inside bot and test limits?


Limits and blocks appear on “pure”, never connected to bots accounts and currently I have much bigger problems with my organic (manual follow/ unfollow since day 1) 40k + follower accounts than the botted ones that run without any problem and get much bigger reach, no shadowban etc.