[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


That is what I’m doing, also have others test accounts but I use mine too.


If you respect the values and do like the bots, you probably can have good results too, I guess.

How many follows where you doing manually per hour/day/action?


Thank you so much for your efforts in getting this post back to lvl 1.
Please excuse this stupid question, but are you now running the majority of your accounts on API again?
I have just now been able to gt the EB to function properly, but you are saying we can go back to API again?
Thank you again for all of your insightful posts!


What is happening is, with that settings, the actions need to be done by API but if it fails (block), It will work by EB. Many people don’t advice to do many actions by EB as it leave fingerprints.

I’ll tell you my personal opinion, if I had any account that won’t work anyways but only with the EB, I would use it.


I think i’m running 50/50 api/EB. Also most of them still DC proxies. Keep in mind the 6k/30 and when blocked start over the warm up process. I’m warming up new accounts on mobile proxies on api without any issues.


Exactly brother, you know :facepunch:


What is your warming up process ?


1/2 follows per hour and warm up by 1 more every day.

If you think you can find a shortcut. Dont… IG is a patience game right now.

Edit: 1-2/ hour increasing by 1 an hour each day and 50/60 max per dag increasing by 5 each day


I go even lower, 5-15 per day and increasing.


I understand. We should use your described method for API, but if API fails then use EB.
Yes, I am leery of using EB too, but I am currently using EB until this API problem is rectified.
Thank you again


I have informations that says 6K/30 limit still applies on real device.


I think that using API from the beggining will trigger follow/api block after couple actions or after few days. I would recommend always use EB - until Jarvee team relase an update which fixes API problem.


And while you are at it. Can you please note down the amount of follows you do brother in total. This is to actually verify that the 6000/30 theory is valid or not? I mean if you can surpass the 6000/30 limit by manually following in IG app, then we might have a situation here!
Temp. Solution could turn out to be doing manually follow on IG app, and let the tool unfollow as unfollow seems uneffected atm. and can be operated using API


It is better to use API in my opinion and EB as blocked. This option is the best, because why should it work in EB how it works in the API.
It leaves certainly fewer prints than EB itself, all the time included.


Yes, I am afraid JV has still not rectified their API problem.
However, many people do not advise using EB as it is more easily detectable as a bot, but at this point it seems to be the only viable option.


I’m doing 180-185 automated follows x 2 per day, but some accounts stop when they come close to 6000 actions per 30 days, while organic accounts went into PV loops and shadowbanned. (Also did 180 follows per day, but once (manually), but I think the device had bad footprint or was blacklisted so I got PV loops.
I think I will try resetting the mobile phone and putting different SIM

I analyzed data from all accounts in the last 30 days and it seems that I made most $$ on accounts that stopped any f/u, DM’s or any automated actions at all, just posting regular posts and boosting them and posting stories gave me most sales because reach didn’t drop and was suprisingly big.


I truly believe that but I’m the kind of person that I believe when I see (even if I believe in god) :sweat_smile:

Some account where blocked above 8000/30 and other where still following like crazy for days on.

Yes, it’s a theory and still the best we can, but can someone please proof that 2 + 2 is equal 4 please?


That is exactly what I want to see, but started to do that manually yesterday so I need to have some time for testing, unfortunately, anyone out there that did test already?

I can tell, do what works for you brother, the important is that they’re working :smiley:

Very good points there. About the reach I need to agree, they was all affected but I didn’t stop most accounts for a single day since and I can tell that my customers where selling through many ways and one of them was with stories marketing (my main focus in business and local stores b2b) and still working with me, like this one(he allowed me to share)…


Does someone already have a solution for the failed EB login? A lot of accounts are valid in MP but when trying to access them in the EB I got a challenge.


The “change to any username > try again (to fail the login) > change back to the right username > clear the cookies > try again > then it will work again” method works for me just to a short period of time and it give me problems in the future.

When this problem happen? When I am using DC proxies.

How to real solve? Changing to 4G in my case.


Is that residential or mobile proxy?

I’m glad it’s working for you, yes most cases is only proxy issue.

That’ss great to know bro, glad to help.