[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


Dc proxies



That’s is what I though, try one of both and let me know.


still block follow, still block like。


So they’re working or not?
Did you checked the EB?
Are they working there?

If yes, please clear cookies of all accounts and turn off and on, if no, you need to wait because I doubt they were blocked after change proxy.


New update just released:

July 10th

  • Campaign - Added support for [SELL_POST_ZIP] tokens
  • Campaign - Facebook - Posts with links and at least 2 images will remove the preview images and keep only the specified post images as clickable links.
    Posts with one image will also keep the preview image. (facebook restriction)


  • Youtube - Like Comments - redesigned the tool to Like/Reply comment tool

Like Exchange

  • Instagram Like Exchange - Use only the Embedded Browser to like if in Profile Details Advanced Profile Settings you have the option to only Use the EB to like checked for the account that is giving likes


  • Instagram Mute Tool - Added new source to mute own followings
  • Instagram Story Viewer - Added option in Sources View Stories of specific users called ‘View stories immediately when users are added to the list’.Use this option if you want the stories to be viewed immediately after users are added in this list.
    Useful when sending users from Follow tool Send extracted users to be viewed straight away.
    For this to work the Story Viewer tool needs to be started and the View Stories of Specific users needs to be checked.
    This option will make the tool Ignore the Run Timers from the Settings tab and run immediately when users are added in this list.
    It works also if you manually add users to this list
  • Social Profiles Actions On Selected Profiles - Added option called ‘RE-LOGIN ACCOUNTS’ for IG accounts. Use this option if you want to logout and then login via api on selected accounts. The device id will not be reset, it emulates logging out and logging in on the same phone.
  • Social Platforms Instagram - Added option called ‘Logout from embedded browser when follow using Embedded Browser is blocked’. Use this option if you want the Embedded Browser to log out when the follow doesnt succeed(blocked) with the Embedded Browser
    Useful in situations where the follow is blocked in the EB and after a logout and login it starts working again
    When the Follow doesnt succeed with the Embedded Browser the suspend when getting temporary block between x -y minutes applies
    You can use the option from Follow Tool or Account Profile Settings or Global settings to control the suspend time and at the same time the max amount of times the EB can logout and login in the account
  • Profile Details Advanced Settings - Added option called ‘Logout from embedded browser when follow using Embedded Browser is blocked’
  • Global Tools IG Engagement Like Groups - Use the embedded browser to like if action blocked and in Settings you have setup to Like using EB when action blocked. Also use EB to like if the account has enabled the settings to only like using the EB
  • IG contact send message to new followers feature - Added option ‘Accept pending friend requests(applies only for private users)’. Use this if you want to accept pending friend requests before the new followers are extracted
  • Instagram - Handle ‘Continue as’ during Login in the EB


  • Facebook - Fixed post sharing issues
  • Facebook - Comment - fixed commenting on search link
  • Pinterest - Repin - fixed selecting target board
  • Linkedin - Fixed number of followers synchronization
  • Linkedin - Connector - Fixed adding custom note when sending connection requests to some accounts
  • Linkedin - Connector - Fixed updating connection request status for accepted requests
  • Facebook - Invite - Add friends to group - Fixed error code 33 issues that occurred in some situations
  • Twitter - Contact - Send message - fixed sending out the message
  • Twitter - Follow - fixed detecting suspended account

Logout from embedded browser when follow using embedded browser is blocked

I ´ll start crying soon… what is this update about ?! I red nothing important to me


They updated some workarounds but nothing major.
Reset device’s, leave and login again, this things will improve your work and time
But this isn’t the true solution


This is a good temporary solution, until you find the best


Ok I will try good proxies now. Do you have “do not use embedded browser to login on instagram” on the account page enabled or not?


as I had said :joy:


Obviously the update is about the massive list of fixes/changes above.


if you did all that‘s on this topic but the account struggle to work or won’t at all for follow but it’s working on the EB, you can stop iit for a couple of says or please go to profile, advanced settings and check the options to “use only embedded browser to like, comment and follow” it will do the trick.


Do you have “do not use embedded browser to login on instagram” on the account page enabled or not?


Thanks a lot for this. Point to point. awesome.


@Itsyourtime Sorry just wanted to ask about your follow tool settings, so you do intervals of 60-90 minutes, 20-40 seconds between follows, how many users per set?

You start with 1-2 per hour and 20 per day or similar and add 1 per hour until what number?

Do you do this in intervals or just 16 hours a day?

Also, do you mute after follow?

I saw the like after follow settings above so that’s all clear but not sure about the follow tools. I know I’m being picky but mine keep getting blocked every time I build up to around 40 follows per day :confused:


Thanks, this is a great share!

What if I have an account that has been action blocked since the beginning of June? They had it removed for a few days around June 19, but then it came back on June 21. The account is still action blocked from following people. The account has not tried to follow anyone since the second block, but is still action blocked. How can this be lifted?


I’m not sure if this has been brought up specifically although I’m certain this isn’t new info but I changed all of my accounts from DC to residential proxies and 75% of accounts no longer had any issue. Probably most spam accounts on Instagram run off DC proxies as these are cheap and costs need to be kept as low as possible so Instagram bans DC proxies and gets rid of the low hanging fruit. I wouldn’t be surprised if 80% of spam accounts fall under this.


Did you introduce any new settings from the new Jarvee update? Do not change anything?
They added a few new features, and whether someone is using them or are they not helping?


Where can I get residential proxies for a good price?


What @deathpriest said is valid not only for residential proxies, but also 4G. So you can also try 4G.