[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


Not sure about wether you need to take it off of J completely but yes your client should use IG own API solely for a bit.


It’s been resting for a week already, but it’s my main.
How have others fared after getting the hard block and putting back on MP afterwards?


Send me a DM of your screenshot of your profile settings and I will take a look.
This strategy is still working for me again today:

To Unfollow
switch to API

To Follow
Open the browse feature on JV
then activate the follow tool again


I’m having to clear cookies a lot to get accounts unblocked can this be circumvented with the “logout/log back in” box? And does anyone have experience with issues clearing cookies often?


LOL, red red red red


Have you gotten a solution to this yet? Both accounts I run with thousands of followers received Compromised Account then shortly after are in the dreadful Temp Block lool where I can’t follow a single person on JV but can normally follow people on IG app via my phone.


This strategy is still working for me again today:
(It may not work tomorrow as everything keeps changing, but it is working again today)

To Unfollow
switch to API

To Follow
Open the browse feature on JV
then activate the follow tool again


Just got action blocked trying to make a post on a new account I started a few days ago. I haven’t done any botting on it, but I was using a bot on another other account I have on the same device.

Why would this happen? I haven’t done any botting on this account at all. Was I putting too many hashtags in my posts? Why would it block me from posting on just a regular account?


Was your post unique?


So unfollowing is working for you via API?
Why not just work on EB completely?


No, it was a video that I downloaded from another instagram account. Are they detecting that?


Since there was said a lot about only EB Vs Api, and some say it’s best EB and others it’s best APi. Which is the right approach? Is there one?


I’m not sure there is "one" best solution.

It depends on many factors, and i don’t think it’s a “EB or API” only question…

And because some works very well with API, and others EB, it means that both are possible :slight_smile: So problem probably comes from else where !



Yes, unfollowing is still working for me today via API
For some reason, I am unable to unfollow via EB
I don’t know the reason, but this is what is currently working for me the last couple of days.
As you know, things may change tomorrow, but knock on wood this is what is working right now.
Of course, we are just waiting and hoping for JV to fix their API problem and everything we are doing now seems to be short term fixes, but at least it keeps us going.


Thanks for sharing, i agree it works for me too but right now i dont go to more than 80 follow / unfollow a day, how much did you do?


yea i just suspend for about an hour


Which proxy provider are your using?


Just now. Accounts are getting phone verified


Anyone encounter the same?


Yes, they are detecting that. I’m not saying that it is the reason (as there are too many variants of), but this is one of them for sure. At least try to crop it a bit and change, using some filters.

If it doesn’t help - next I would recommend to check the connection/proxy.