[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


just want to share my expirience of the last days:

best way for me right know ( managing 2k accounts) is swapping randomly between EB and API usage. So for example 2 days i am using API than I swap for 1 - 2 days to use EB only and so on… working pretty well.

BTW using residentual IPs 4 Accs per Proxy atm


Can I ask how long have you been doing this method? From my experience keep on switching between eb and api will lead to AC


4accs running on the same time or?


Yes they can detect the hash of a video or a pic



First signs of recovery…will see.
Right now I’m on very low settings. I mean like 30 Likes or Follows per day.


Seems like the temp error isnt been talked about much? It seems to be returning on a regular basis. Anyone know how to avoid this? I’m not experiencing any blocks but the errors make me not hit my daily goals.!


only eb or only api? bro


I noticed with API I’m going into blocks.
These are the settings.

What is strange is that I still have red on Likes and Follows but the followers are slowly growing.
Keep u updated.


so those are you new settings and they are working fine?


These one are working for me in this moment yes. I was in these setting few days and they were working thank i unchecked then and the hell came down … So I checked them again and all working better now.

I’m just testing.


around 10 days - what i am seeing is that comp message is more often if you switch often during the day, but i do only sweotche one every few days


Between 140-170



Thanks for your tips! 2-day testing Datacenter Proxies with your settings provided and everything works flawlessly, it seems I won’t be needing Mobile Proxies anymore…


we should have a feature to prioritize EB via tags!
I would love to use my clients EB and complete actions rather than my accounts.
In the taskbar, I can see the EB shuffling like crazy and that’s making it hard to work on the VPS!


Great - glad it helped.
It is still working for me again today too, but I think these are all just temporary fixes until JV fixes their API problems.
So, hopefully these little fixes will keep us going.
Congrats on being able to use DC proxies, I switched everything to mobile a few months ago, but just keep doing what is working for you!


Yea, I hope they fix everything what’s going on.

I moved to Mobile Proxies on January aprox. so I’ve been using this kind of proxies till now. Unfortunately EB settings and Full Browser Experience were not working correctly, so I moved to a local ‘unknown’ proxies provider of my city and it seems to be working atm.

I’ll keep you updated!


yes same here


So i’ve been noticing how on the same account or slave some sources get properly added and some sources show with 0 followers and not being private (well at this point most actually). When you click them so see them in the EB they show up without issue. Why is J not reading my sources properly? I cleared all, added 1 which was good, then 2 others which gave 0 followers although they have followers and arent private.

I’m not doing ANYTHING different than past weeks or months even. I’ve restarted J a couple of times already. I’m assuming that’s why my daily targets arent met.

What’s happening here? Still waiting for a response from J support.


I did the same settings but after one unfollow i had a block from Instagram so it’s not working for me
: :sweat:


i have a client for whom i am doing follow/unfollow like via EB and story views via api and i got a action block error on like and follow tool i did manual login like always and the tools started working again and i got an AC msg in 20 mins. Using conservative settings and timers and nightmode and residential proxy!

When is IG going to stop with these blocks and AC’s.