[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


Not for a while i feel. It’s the best way to keep everyone in check for now and filtering out all the actual headless bots. For marketeers it’s a headache but not a lost cause.


yes i know i am able to work through all clients via EB but the AC is just something which has shown to be dangerous! It can lead to 7 day block. I’ll rest the account for 3-4 days and start with only likes and story views


Please forgive my ignorance. What does AC stand for? It’s tossed around a lot. I have used the forum search tool and the acronym page but I still can’t find it.


“Account Compromised” notification the only way to pass through is to change the password.
There is a theory that it usually followed by 7 days hard block (I’ve got such a lot of times, so maybe…)


Guys, just started 96 different tests and going to sleep in order not to be worried about them. Once I wake up, will sort out what’s going on, fix everything that will be possible to be fixed and definitely post here my results.

Wish me luck :blush:


I have had the most success over the last month using similar settings to those posted by Aaron Ward and some other forum members.

Specifically, the key is using a lot of intervals. I have follow / unfollow running at the same time, with 0-30 per hour. limit of 180-220 per day total for each. Both tools using only the embedded browser.


Is still working for you?


Hello. Does your EB close and reopen when its time to follow? Because im handling a lot of accounts roughly 200. And there are some accounts that got action blocked. So basically

  1. Follow 5 users then rest for 60 mins
  2. Reopen chrome… My app will follow 5 users again but i have some clients got immediately action blocked just after following 1 user

This happened to 2 of my clients now and still observing.

Is it better not to close the browser?


To follow you only use EB? but you do not keep the browsed profile open, or am I wrong?


Hi, i use both follow unfollow using EB. Same residential proxy

Thats right, whenever it needs to be run, then my program would open the profile and start following people and if it’s over it will close.


As soon as i changed to use only EM, I got action black on all my accounts, so I changed the settings from EB to only API and untill now everything is ok and running smooth.

I will keep you posted guys but this solution is working for me now!! :grinning:



Yes I seem to have that problem too where it will work the first session but then block on the first follow of the next (when the browser has closed and opened). I tried a version where it stayed open, waited a long while then followed again and I wasn’t blocked on the first action but blocked soon after… so for me it didn’t quite work staying open. But it may be worth trying for you!?


Guys, some of you were asking where are my tests and how are they going…
I just created a separate thread for that, because there is (and will be) too much info/text to post iе here just like a regular comment.

Will be glad to find you all there :slight_smile:


Have you tested checking: “Use alternative embedded browser cookie storage” ?


do you guys leave EB open the whole time? I kinda didnt get it correct


Thanks @Lea. I tried it and yes it doesnt work too. Have you figure it out how when using EB not getting temp blocked? I’m not sure if it’s safe to keep recreating new profile after getting temp blocked.


@syrp What do you mean “use alternative embedded browser cookie storage”.

I’m using chrome profile to creating a new session but unfortunately after 1-5 days of continuous automation. Temp action block will happen and I need to recreate another profile just to keep it going.

To give more facts:

  • I run both follow,unfollow the same PC
  • Roughly 30-50 users per Residential Proxy
  • Here in the PH for some reason when I logged in using mobile proxy, it wont let me load pages, follow or unfollow. It kept saying that page failed to load. The problem is not with the account nor mobile proxy… it’s Instagram because I asked my friend to login using her mobile proxy ung her mobile chrome app and it didnt work as well.
  • Follow (40 follows every 4-6 hours)
  • Unfollow (15 every 100 minutes)
  • I also encounter the Error Page once in a while due to constant page reload to another profile.

I know the best thing to do is user 1:1 mobile proxy but since I handle accounts in the PH. Is it safe to get mobile proxy not located here? I think there’s a high chance that verification will happen and I of course won’t want that to happen because right now all my clients when i setup their account have no issues.



Go to JV Settings, Social Platforms and make sure you have those enabled:

So far no blocks anymore


@syrp, I see thanks! but i’m currently not using JV. I’ll check it out.

By the way, since I’m using residential proxy… Whats the limit of users I can run per Residential Proxy that’s safe? Any thoughts?


Might sounds like a newbie question, but what do you all mean by 1:1 mobile proxy ?
Only 1 accout per mobile proxy ? Sounds really expensive lol