[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


That’s right… 1:1, 1 account linked to 1 mobile proxy. hehe are you using JV too? or you do have your own automation platform?


Oh well… that’s why I was not understanding your ‘Chrome sessions’ haha forgive me.

I was talking about this option displayed inside each JV account.


@syrp hahaha! no worries… yeah i got it now. How many days have you been running it without any single blocks now? Continuously running follow unfollow.


It’s been 3 days already, doing 80 follows/unfollows a day, increasing each day slowly by 20 more actions.

I was using Mobile Proxies from January till last week, I moved to DC proxies and no more blocks!


Yeah JV too.

But can’t imagine being able to manage clients in a 1:1 mobile proxy way…
When you know that a good mobile proxy is around 70-90 dollars…

I was about to give up but recently try some good settings with only EB, 1:1 mobile proxy.
Able to follow between 50-100 and unfollow 50-100 persons a day, for 1 week now, with no blocks no AC, all good.

I’ll know try to add more accounts to the same proxy, will see…




so sorry, just changed it


How many accounts now with no issue per DC proxy?


Seems like IG removed the block restriction the past 24 hours as a lot of normal users are getting action block with the new algorithm they recently implemented ( look at ig reddit)

However, I would take this with grain of a salt and care, as they may just blow you all away with a new update.


I’d go for 1:1 ratio


so they removed it or not? because your sentence is kinda paradox


No one knows.


Hello guys, I just want to know, when I am using EB and I go onto my EB while its doing actions, I can see when Jv goes onto an account to follow or unfollow, none of the images load, they only give the Alt text. Why is this and how can I make it so it downloads the images?


I close the browser after logging out


This could happen when your proxy speed is low



Everytime your finished following or unfollow? You always logout before closing browser? then log back in when it’s time to follow or unfollow?


What to do if I have one account that CAN like (any other action too) through phone app but is blocked when trying to do it through EB on JV ?


When only using EB none of the likes/f/uf go through and my accounts sit doing nothing. Just ‘searching…’ any advice?


After I close the browser, I activate the follow tool again and just let it run.
This strategy has been working for me on 95% of my accounts for the last three days.
It may not continue to work and it may not work on every account, but it has been working pretty well for the last three days.
I know this is just a temporary fix until JV can rectify their API problems, but perhaps this strategy can help keep us going


If I change my EB UserAgent so my laptops chrome UserAgent and then do all actions on Jv through EB will changing my EB UserAgent to an actual pc browser instead of using a mobile chrome app?

*Please also note that for some reason when I set all actions to be done through EB I can’t only sign in using the EB I have to also sign in using API, I can tell because when I start doing actions on Jv, I go onto my account and see login activity and I can see I got a login from Windows (EB) and a Samsung phone, why is this?