[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


I have been using only API for 2 days and no Block so far . I forbid the use of EB in my settings and all is working fine. So I believe that both method of connections are ok now :grinning:


Hi, how do you clear cookies?


what is your method to solve when there is some accounts was block?


I just switched all action on API but some people said that EB works for them
it seems that Insta chaged someting the last 24h


Hello, reading up on the thread and was wondering if you are still offering consulting on some of the ongoing issues rn, if so I would appreciate a pm with further details please as I cannot access lv2 yet, thank you!


are you still offering consulting? interested


Same here, I am using API and it seems to work better


EB working fine.

Last 48h everything seems to be ok. I am trying to warm up accounts, and trying to not be too offensive.

Using DC proxies and raspberry pi over local wifi proxy.

Setting up: 4,63 follows per hour and no more than 150 likes per 24h.

Right now i receive even a higher ER ~6.00


@ciras has helped me tremendously these last few days and while I am still getting blocks, we found a lot of issues with my settings.

he’s given me a path to work from, as each persons situation is different. I’ll vouch for this. He knows what he’s doing along with a few others on here.

Like he said in a post before, everyone is over complicating things.


Question. One of my client got Action Blocked with date. Said it will expire 8/29 but till now she can’t post. Until when will she experience the block? Thanks in advance


Thanks for the great guide, i can confirm this helped solve my issue with the block on my acc.


There is probably a timezone difference just tell her to wait until the 8/30


I just got a 7-day block on a client account.
Everything on EB but there is a person who handle the posting manually from the phone.
Yest I got different like action block so I had stopped the account manually but the person tried to post now before sometime via phone and bang 7-day block!


I strangely don’t even get this on my accounts, but on my personal account on PC. No botting whatsoever ever on my account or my home IP. Just noticed it today. So definitely has to be a IG problem.


Or a DC type proxy problem?

Api works fine (if it doesnt hit block)


Recently came back after a break and got a AC on the 3rd day with super low follower phase in. 40 a day.

What happened is I had the insta open on my phone whne I ran my bot and it immediately gave me the AC.

That might be it. Also I had not starting posting again so maybe that was another reason… was waiting for the weekend.


A big thing is settings for me. A lot of my accounts are running smoothly 150-200 f/uf per day. Running EB only, and now testing few with API. I’m still getting action blocks for API, but it still seems to complete daily actions regardless.

Though today I got 3 AC. One was client that had AC before and rested for 2 weeks and then cleared cookies and setup with new settings. Other 2 were new clients. One on API, one on EB. They completed 38 and 28 follows then were stopped. Don’t know exact time of AC message. They were not active on account either.
Strange for me.


what are those graphs? There is no label, especially the y-axis so hard to tell. lol


How long does your so called “running smoothly” last? Average how many days? Do you need to keep logging our or clearing cookie once in a while?


how many follows/likes are you able to do with api?

i got an AC on a client when they were trying to post from phone and also 7 day block on 2 accounts and also 2 api blocks and i have seen some weird relevance between phone and bot logins they are really getting onto it[quote=“Daddykins, post:1876, topic:73543”]
I’m still getting action blocks for API, but it still seems to complete daily actions

hey how many actions are you able to do with api only? and what settings you keep for the temp block time? i was testing on some accounts by keeping it around 3-6 or 10-15 mins and they were able to do a lot of actions but it was via EB.