[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


The followers growth


I also would like to add my 2c worth regarding AC messages and 7-day blocks…of the accounts I am running I have experienced 3 total that have received the AC message, with all 3 having a 7 day hard block after resetting the password and continuing with JV on very low settings. (0-4 f/uf per hr, 20/20 max per day to start with)

After the 7 day blocks lifted, all accounts were running smoothly until 2 days ago when 1 received the AC message again. I changed the password, and then continued on very low settings. Bam! 7 day block when the client tried to post manually on their phone. This client also has approx. 5 accounts that they switch between on their phone, so unsure if this also has an impact. Running on DC 1:1 proxies (geo-located in the same city lucky enough) , always have been without issue until recently.


i got this exactly with my last post of AC. Client tried to post manually and 7 day block. I think it’s better to keep everything either on the bot or on the phone rather than simultaneous actions


for me it’s always been in this way since I’ve started with them in Nov 2018.
What I’ve noticed, is that if I add one by one the source to follow, I see the number of followers, if I add all at once it doesn’t happens, or it partially happens


After getting the 7 day block on my own main account I’ve taken it off automation until a safe solution appears - hopefully when we see the big update by J in a week or two.


yes, hope they come out with solution. nowadays are growing very slow😭


I had the same thing happen, but I’m doing manual actions for client and they got a 7 day block.


I don’t imagine this big J update is going to stop these blocks. I’m doing manual actions on my clients accounts and still getting compromised and 7 day blocks on a few. But it happens less than it did in J.


What is strange is that this has only happened to a couple of accounts, with the others all running fine. Does not seem to be a correlation yet.


I see ya’ll talking about a big J update, they said something about this or you just guess there will b an api update ?


JV sent out an email last week essentially asking everyone to have faith in them as they are looking to release a significant update in 2-3 weeks from the time of the email that aims to address a lot of the blocks /api errors that have been happening.


Thanks, its nice to hear some good news.


Nice! Can’t wait.

Been using FL until now and really wanted to switch to J as it seems so much better. Then this wave happened :confounded:


I think I fixed the F UF errors on my end. Been running smooth for 3 days no blocks, warnings , nothing.


Will you share any information?..


3 days ? Not much…

Well, it’s nothing actually … Blocks are sporadic. They come by and leave. More on some acc, less on others.

To give an example - One of my acc have been running without blocks 2 months, when some others got blocks almost every day, and some 1 block per month.

3 days without blocks is normal, i’d say


Nope not normal. Most people get them immediately or after 20-40 follows


EB only and I used the mobile proxies I created rather than relying on other third party services. Not using API at all anymore


I can only say yes to this : API is shit for most of the cases. But i got a pretty nice run with an account - full API. So might work sometimes still !


Could it be that scraping on the same main account is raising red flags? So if you had a “mining” account to scrape -would that help?