[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


Haven’t tried this so not sure, but I’m seeing results without doing this


I have been using EB for many weeks now.
I tired API for the first time today and after an hour received an AC notice.
I think all we can do is wait for JV to update their API.


I have been using EB only and yes, some accounts get temp blocked after few follows and some accounts are running smoothly for weeks. So i’d say it depends on the account and the time intervals when you are resting it. I’m able to follow roughly 150-250 users per day.


did you mean,if we have source list/add source list in every account, then running follow/like. we get red flags? how instagram know if we add source in our list? and whats the difference with mother and child? they still sending source list on the target,we have still have list source in the source target.


Yes that is what I was getting at. Well the way I thought it was that each time you scrape your account is visiting many hashtags, users, users’ followers, etc. in a way which might not be seen as entirely human. Instagram would know what accounts are looking at and the intervals.

Again, just thinking out loud to see what people think


so its better use mother and slave account. slave account send source to target.


I have 20 accounts now in Action Blocked and my clients are getting mad…i lost 7 clients and still adding more lol… Is J still working?

I think the best solution for now is to do it manually over the phone. Can anyone recommend a company that does that? I heard pimpmygram is good, does anyone have a coupon discount?


Someone explain this to me. Why do I get an action block on the EB with 4g proxies while still be able to do actions from a different cell phone? The profile is from a different country than the EB one. Could that cause a problem and if so, can I still run it in some sort of way…?

And I’m also running with warm-up settings…


Guys I’m back! First thing first.

The solution from this thread do not work for everyone anymore (guess as public thread instagram made our lives harder), mobile proxy still the best from all my testings.

I’m working on a new solution that is working so far pretty consistent, if it keep working without temp blocks and actions blocks and doing the daily limit actions, it’s a sweet spot and I’ll share asap for now I’ll keep testing.

Please don’t ask for those settings yet, today I’ve changed settings again to find the sweet spot and today is doing better, now I’m testing in many servers to see if it work overall, sometimes what work for some do not work for others same way.

Also I’m not saying there is no issues, I’m saying that maybe there a setting to avoid blocks but compromised still here and there as you all know.


Did you tried to logout from EB and login back to see if you can follow/like/comment?


That worked for me, thanks! But does that mean that I need to repeat that process everytime I get a action block? And should I still only use EB for actions or API as well?


I dont reccomend API, it gets TONS of AC’s, got my last one at sunday and moved all my clients to EB. EB is king right now if you are using the right settings and have a good proxy at the same country as your client.


Only EB is better for now. Yes for now.


What is triggering the compromised message is using EB + API and indeed API is much more risk right now.


Not exactly. all of my clients used API from the beggining and never used EB, almoust all of them got AC using ONLY API! now moved all my clients to EB so far so good no issues.


That is what we normally think by logic, but the software itself when API fails, go to EB even when we don’t have it setup and that is what was triggering many but the developers are working on API level, hope soon we’ve news.


Could it be that IG is keeping record of the Mac addresses as well?


Got my first AC using EB Only today while a client was unfollowing.

I think that happened because a client was temp blocked and the tool kept trying to resume after taking multiple 3 hour breaks. After enough follow blocks and attempts, IG threw the AC message at the account.

Previous to that, the client account was basically reaching daily limits, then got a temp block randomly that it couldn’t get around.


There is a new box to check called USE ONLY EB FOR ALL ACTIONS, I checked it aswell, unfortunatly we still cant login using eb and have to login trought API and only when you turn a tool on it’ll login to EB, but after that we can check this box and it w’ont touch the api at all. You think it’ll avoid blocks and AC’s ?


I think this new setting is there for a reason with that said, yes, it should avoid specially CA’s.