[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


Yeah i’m wondering now what ratio (1:10,1:15,…) would be best to feed slaves. I see too many aborts these days cause they get stuck on searching. Feeding them could bypass this @Race44


@Race44 So an account can do it’s own scraping still but get fed by scrapers? Or how does it actually work? What gets followed first. Own scrape results or results from scraper(s)?

You put it to send auto to accounts (which you all add that want the feeding) and then it gets fed?

If there is any guide on it please point me to it.


how about this :slight_smile:
we add many source in 1account : let say we add source in follower account A. and then after that, split a source to other user. is that safe?


You can have a scraper for 1k accounts, if you want to.
As long as they’re all interacting with users from the same source/niche.

You only need multiple scrapers if you have multiple niches.
@Race44 @oneoneseven


What are the limits of a scraper? It can do x amount of actions compared to actual actions? @synch

I mean i could let it do 12 follow scrapes every minute for example while with actual follow actions i would get likely blocked


There are no limits, it’s not doing any actions.
You’re still obviously limited by your sources having enough new users daily to keep the scraper fed.


To optimize the scraping, you can basically push it as fast as it can (just like mass story settings) and send it to the extracted usernames? @synch


I am trying to use scrapper account to feed my other accounts for commenting. How are we able to do the commenting scrapping from a scraper account, and not following? Can someone please help me with this. I followed the follow instructions and clicked comment sources but still no luck. Please need help. Thank you


Is there still no solution for follow blocks? I can’t even follow 10 people a day.

Do you guys use logout from EB when temp blocked?

I don’t get why we need an account, all information for accounts are public using any web browser.


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Hello, I really want to know, how can I contact you, thank you


Hello friend
I saw you found the solution
Can you share with me ?


he is just offering his own bot service




Yeah, I’m interested too. Thanks a lot


The tool works very well with the “ONLY USE EB” option and scraping followers with a seperated ghost account. No blocks anymore. Thanks for that!
I have seen that the tool automatically uncheck the “USE ONLY THE EB” button and check the 4 “use only EB for follow / like / comments / unfollow” buttons after few hours. Anybody know why the tools autmatically change the settings for that?


The “USE ONLY THE EB” doesn’t work for me — It gets an error messages like “There are no sources to follow anymore”, I had to switch back :slight_smile:


@denis1 You need scrapper accounts to feed the only EB accounts (scrapping is done via API).

Jarvee not following - Invalid sources

Did you pass through the block wave and doing well too?