[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


yes, me too. Do you know how do setting now?


How many account can one scraper account feed? Is it a 1:1 ratio or?


my jv subscription is up for renewal, do you think i should renew it or stick with doing manual actions?


doing manual is the best part.


honestly i think that you should wait for the next update of jarvee, they said that they will release a major update to fix it. Patient my friend


how well is it working ?


atm i don’t now why API is working much better for than EB - anyone seeing the same?


I won’t be dare to touch api at the moment. Every time I tried it within 24-48 hours the account will get hit with a Ac or3,5, 7 days hard block.

I think I’ll just wait for Jv to update their api before I try it again


For me both do the same = unkown resoluts :slight_smile:


API at the moment is working for me in some accounts I’ve been using for a month and a half, with EB when action blocked. In those accounts I’m reaching daily goals (100F 100UF + Likes + Stories) but in the ones I’m warming up with same settings, most of them are getting AB with 15/20 a day! I’ve tried the EB but still they get the same results. Also I’ve recieved 2 AC in the last two weeks in warming accounts.
Why is that happening? I tried cleaning cookies, resetting device ID… Maybe the best is let rest those accounts for a week or something like that?


rest … yes don’t do fake “tricks”, maybe more common sense than tricks can assist.


I am happy to see the solution posted some hours ago quickly moved to level two. The moment I read it I thought oh now Ig spies read it too, solution destroyed. But reaction was quick, didn’t even manage to finish reading it myself, but what I read was enough. Hope it works…

It’s been 3 months already with problems.


Mind sharing via pm :-)?


How can you get level two?


How many follow actions are you doing everyday?


Anyone have already some experience about ratio for scraping and client accounts?
1:1 ratio or 1 scraping acc for 5 clients 1:5 ? Anyone tried maybe 1:10 or more already?
Im actually use 1:5 ratio for scraping and for proxies 1:1 (1 mobile proxie : 1 client)
All accounts are running - no blocks.


Hello guys, please let me know if anyone else is having this issue.

I am using EB only to do all actions on my accounts and using another account logged into API to scrape sources.

On the accounts I am using EB only on, when I start the unfollow tool I have set it to unfollow 5-15 users per op, with a time space of 50-150 minutes between each op. For some reason Jv isn’t taking into consideration the op time space and just keeps on doing operation after operation without any minutes between each operation.

Is anyone else having this issue?


You’d get rate limited when opening too many profiles too fast on the browser.


Short Sad Story - IG absurdity

In August 28th I’ve received on my personal account with residential IP, the IG message “account compromised” and a consequent block of 24 hours. Was the first message of this kind.
I’ve stopped the tool and I have never turned it on again.

After 24h I’ve used IG mainly on my desktop PC as I do not like to use social media on smartphone. I’ve also used it very few times, because I work and I do not have time to play with it like a teen and to post I always use “Later.com”.

Well, yesterday I was out of home and in the moment I’ve tried to like a post, IG blocked me for 3 days adding the message of sharing my password on third party services etc…

The absurdity is that this no sense, is most likely happened because by coincidence my ISP has changed my home IP and the previous few actions of the day before were made from a new different IP.


@socialgain mentioned a thing some time ago, which could cause this block of yours. Well here is the story short. If you did something earlier, and this had been caught by the algo as spam, this could be whatever, and this violation is still registered on your profile on IG, and suddently when insta makes changes and that specific action you did some time ago can cause your profile getting a block noe according to the IG changes, well guess what now this block is served to you. A block does not necessarely mean, that you have done something in the present, but can be sonethibg you did in the past too. Hope this makes sense @icks13