[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)




I am having a similar issue it waits about 5 mins between each operation. even though I have set 60-120 mins in my settings.


I know but did make sense before not after the account compromised.

Once you received a compromised account message, you reset the password and you never turn on the automation tool, you are supposed to be able to use your IG account without problems as not automation is involved.

The like action I’ve performed with my smartphone was like maybe the number 5 in almost 10 days.

Moreover this block that happened for 3 days first time ever, mentioned again the fact that I had shared my pass with a service which is false, unless of course is Later which btw it’s an IG partner and I use it since day one.


nah I did, J for IG is off limit. I only have one account that I use for my work and I can’t effort to lose it.


New update coming up:


  • Instagram - Story Viewer - Reply to story after view -> Added option to limit max replies per user
    - Instagram - When using the option USE ONLY EMBEDDED BROWSER (no api). For syncing or for follow/like/comment scrape use other accounts that are logged in via api( a random account will be chosen automatically). This way you can still have some settings set on the Settings tab and you can use other sources apart from the Follow/Like/Comment specific users one
  • Instagram - Story Viewer - Reply to story after view -> Added option to limit max replies per user
    - Instagram - Follow,Like,Comment,StoryViewer - Added SPLIT WITH SPECIFIC ACCOUNTS action for hashtag search source
  • Instagram Follow Tool - Fixed Like/Unfollow after follow. It did not work when having the option USE ONLY EMBEDDED BROWSER checked in Advanced Profile Settings


  • Campaigns - Advanced Settings - Facebook - added new option to automatically renew marketplace posts after 7 days
  • Facebook - Invite - Invite from Pages Post Likes - Added counter for invites from permalinks


What does this mean and how to set it up for it to work properly?

“A random account will be selected “ does that mean We can’t select which account we want to use to scrape?


A ramdom account will be selected for syncing all accounts.


Getting the same problem on a few of my accounts. Did you ever fins a solution to this?


Ok this is crazy…

This time you were so quick with deleting but I was quicker and want to ask questions!!

@bigpack. interesting method!

If I understood well, with your method:

A. you cannot for example unfollow specific users but you can go to the list and unfollow the X most recent.

B. You cannot separate between followers and non-followers so if it meets accidentally followers through recent posts, it will follow followers also.

C. On the other hand what happens, if it meets people you already follow? hits the button again?

Generally, I think there is a huge potential here. Thanx


Bro you deleted the post why lmaooooooo


They transferred it to a protected area.


So they need to upgrade me to level 2 user then so i can see the replies wtf???


Yes, sth like that, unless you manage to describe it generally as I did.

Hope they Bring it back


I posted it then it gets tucked where i can’t access it lol man without me it can’t work because I know another part to it that makes this more of a win but ok


Just wait, they ll figure out what’s the best move to not destroy the method


I need to be placed at level 2 for that post and you know it, hell i should be at level 10 lmao!!! Even you said interesting, and I think you was one that was bashing me in the begining lol! Bro i’m telling you, I have a ton more slick tactics to go under IG radar trust me


I dont think they will upgrade you to level2. Yes, it is funny that u been eliminated from your thread… :smiley:


It’s cool, I’m not worried at all. Because the smart thing for them to do was keep me in the thread so i can help others and answer the questions that help us all.


It’s back ! 13 chars


Question: On a newer account, about 2 weeks old, every time I try to make a post it says “Action Blocked” HOWEVER, the post actually still posts. So… why is it telling me that action is blocked but not blocking the action? Is this happening to anyone else?