[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


Just happened again.
I’ve opened IG on my pc browser and IG locked me out with a compromised account asking to change password again.



Just change it :slight_smile:

It might never happen again anyway !


Is anyone having an issue with logging out in the EB? I get an error message when trying.


What error are you seeing. Pls elaborate


Am I the only person who can’t even do 20 actions per day in none of my 50 accounts? 4g proxies and slow configs though


Complain, complain and complain more. Even if they fix it. Complain. Keep complaining to them. Chat, e-mails, whatever.

Drive them nuts, this goes to ALL of you whom face issues.



So, for someone may not be a surprise or, may not see the point of doing it, but I have just found out that as business you have the chance to contact Instagram support.

From https://www.facebook.com/business/help and contact support, you will get the contact form. There you will find a dropdown menu called:

“Please select from list below”

Select Instagram Account

A new dropdown menu will appear with 3 options:

-Claim an IG username
-Lost access to an IG account


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There’s an actual chance this would solve or at least help indeed! The more support requests are open with the same kind of issue, the further it travels up the support chain until it reaches someone who can actually decide to change something.

I’m absolutely certain Instagram knows what they are doing, and I’m also certain that many people are complaining to them. Just keep on going. From what I can tell, Insta is working hard on “fixing” their issues, but the changes keep on pouring in, so we haven’t reached a state of equilibrium yet.


Yes, that’s exactly what I meant.

Guys to all of you:

Start complaining through Instagram through the Facebook helpdesk (mail + chat).


fine over here


Did you tried to write them already?


Hey @tomsocial

Just wondering how the ‘use only EB to do all actions and use another account logged into API to scrape sources’ is working out? Are you managing to avoid blocks?

Would be great to know if that’s a working strategy for the moment.



I am currently still using only EB and getting other accounts (that are logged into API) to give my EB accounts sources to do actions. No blocks at the moment, currently doing around 100-120 follows a day and have been doing so for about a week or two

I have however changed my EB user agent to my home pc (the pc is connected to my home internet) and I am also running my 2 accounts on my home internet.


same useragent for all?


No, I have 3 pcs at home (including laptops) that I have used, so 1 useragent per account.


could do it for a week, now compromissed message! Fucking sucks.


Am I the only one that the Like Exchange doesn’t work?
It’s not liking any post…


Thanks for the update. Sounds fairly promising at the moment. Point noted that you are running on your home internet and changed EB user agent to that as well - I’m running on mobile proxies. Will try to set up some tests in the same way and see how it goes.

Will report back!


I don’t use this… I had about 6 accounts disabled when using it.