[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)


How do yo uconfigure JV to do 120 every day and just 20 for 2 days ?


You manually change it


Yes. It’s not working at the moment


I am trying to use scrapper account to feed my other accounts for commenting. How are we able to do the commenting scrapping from a scraper account, and not following? Can someone please help me with this. I followed the follow instructions and clicked comment sources but still no luck. Please need help. Thank you

Anyone know how to use scrapper account for commenting??


even though i haven’t had many blocks this week. i’m still in the negatives as far as followers per day. not sure what to do…


Start with 5 accounts, put them back on track, then scale up :slight_smile:


I have tried, but they can’t even warmup since they get blocked with 10’s actions


I would suggest you to read back the settings advised since the new IG update, because they actually work. But you would need a good setup with nice proxies, etc !

Start slow, find the errors, get them down


I’ve tried 10 different settings on like 50 different accounts, with different 4g proxies and different times

I’ve tried almost anything and I can’t get a single account working…

If 1 just worked i’d be happy but no single one does


Try DC’s? I tried 4G but wasnt it for me.


Also tried DC’s


Can you honestly say to yourself that your accounts are properly created and clean? Not bought or shady cheap creation? If yes, then it’s 200% your settings


They are all client accounts

they’ve never been blocked before I tried to warmup them

I’ve tried and tested 10 different settings on all the client account and no one can do 20+ follows a day


Hace you reseted id several times? :thinking:


Indeed, do not try to reset ID if possible, check settings.

DC or Mobile proxies, it had to be good ones. Then, be slow. Don’t spam anything. It should work out ! And of course. Add only 1 account per proxy every few hours …


I am confuised now, is the new setup is scrapeer + EB ONLY ?


There is no “new other setup” than this one :slight_smile:

I tested both strategies ; scraping and without scrapers. I’m both reaching daily limits so, eventho it reduces API calls, it’s not the major cause of the troubles. Proxies are i think


So how do you reach daily limits ?
I do have own 4g proxy same location as costumer 3-5 on each.
I don’t think it is really matter … do you reset the proxies ?


With all the exact settings you can find here (read the first post again, maybe you’re missing out something),

Own 4G is the best of the best !

No, never. It reset itself sometimes i guess, but never paid attention to that, as it always worked this way. No reset manually


first post ? there are 1961 :slight_smile:

can you point to one specific ? there were so many changes …
I do have a bot that works but it is not Jarvee and it is excpensive.