Still able to create accounts?

Is anyone still able to create accounts?

Getting the „protect our community“ or „something went wrong“ message with ever method out there since a few days…


Yes it’s working normally for me, can you summarize what methods you’re using?

Having problems too, its like 2 days that i have these errors 80% of the time :expressionless:

Have you tried creating them on a different device/proxy? It is around 5 accounts per device that you can create as far as i remember.

We used to do it with Firefox.
Mobile proxy, private tab, random user agent, webRTC, ghostery, clearing cookies.

Always worked in the past.

So we tried this methode with an android phone with the same error message form IG:

How do you do it?
Did you create any in the past few days?

@Molishparty is on point

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Of course you can’t create more than 5 with one phone without tricks.
The question is… can anyone still create more

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I’m using this guide and everything working fine for me :blush:

*edit - actually, I did have a few times when it didn’t work and that was using a different mobile carrier than my usual. They were a smaller company. Not sure if this helps!

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Actually spoke too soon, tried to create accounts today using this method and got error messages.

Will try changing network again, will see if it helps.

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Yes it always worked for me but not anymore.
Let me know if you can make it work

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Try to change fresh proxy or create accounts on mobile.
Maybe it depends on proxy

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I did create more than 15 on my own phone, with the same SIM card (on a 2-3 weeks period), so definitely more than 5 :slight_smile:

It still works but you need proxies or change location, staying at home will not definitely work.
IDK but will speculate IP Range is a thing, so if you stay at the same place, in practice IG knows it.

I can’t create it too but I live in small village so in big cities with bigger pools might work.

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It’s not an IP issue.
We have our office in a city with over 1 million people.

We think IG is not allowing account creation if someone uses a private session in the browser or blocks cookies.

@imHugoLeandro your small town does not have its own IP pool. This is not how mobile IPs work.
Huge areas share own IP Pool. Sometimes even the entire country in smaller countries

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I get an Amazon Windows server nano about 5 dollars a month. If you then stop and start the instance you get a new IP. I then create the account using the browser incognito mode and use a verification mobile service about 30 cents…

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I tired with 2 different 4G carriers and they where all block , say that famous “Sorry we block blabla” even using Gmail.

Changed to proxies and all goes well so idk why my 4G doesn’t work

Yes makes sense.
But have you tried in the last few days?

What you you mean with “changed to proxies”?

Was using my 4G connected to my PC via cable. got error.

Didn’t change method just instead using 4G used proxies and accounts got created…

I can assure you guys that i am still able to create accounts
It’s not a incognito or cookies problem. They detect you, you ´re leaking your id.