Stop using Chrome extensions to automate Linkedin


Linkedin started to peek at the chrome extensions that users are using, and warn people that use chrome extensions that automate linkedin.

(this is not related to Jarvee users)


+1 to this. I have received this warning just yesterday from using Hello Leonard!


I hope that the Jarvee team will understand that many paying chrome extension users are going to look for a replacement now.

If Jarvee updates their linkedin tools, they might be the go to replacement.

@SimonSays @Adnan


This is true LinkedIn Helper got me the same warning


Do you guys have any recommendations for LinkedIn automation software that still works fine and isn’t affected by this?


I’m using Jarvee for LinkedIn, it is kinda complicated to set up. But I haven’t had any issues since I started automating, 3 weeks ago.


It’s not a Chrome extension, so Linkedin can’t see that it’s active.