[SUGGESTION] Linkedin Email Scraper

Hello everyone!

Linkedin is a goldmine for extracting emails from high-level CEOs and other executives and using them for cold email marketing.

At the moment, when you extract emails using Jarvee, the result tab offers you

  1. Their Email Address
  2. Their Linkedin URL
  3. Their FULL name

If I use an account to connect with CEOs, Business Coaches, and Fitness Experts, when I extract their emails, I have no idea who is who.

The TAG that is first associated with the user inside the Connector tab, doesn’t get passed by the Extract Emails tab.

If the Extract Email tab, would also show us the user TAG and their FIRST NAME, this would make a huge difference in our cold email marketing strategies.

Since you already collect this data, I’m assuming it wouldn’t take much work to add it to the Extract Email tab.

What do you guys think? Is this something that you might find useful right now or in the near future?

We can already use the profile scraper tool to extract emails. Use Add friends as source to extract emails from 1st connections. We can find info such as company, position, and email in the results file.

I think your idea is great. It’ll be much easier to group users based on their positions if the results file from the extract emails tool contain user tags.

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I’ve tried your way of scraping, and it added company, title, and education. The company one is very important but still…

There is no tag.

There is no first name.

These 2 are the most important ones for grouping users and emailing them.

Without them, we have to stop the account, extract, save all the data so that the next time we extract, we compare the data with the one we’ve extracted already. It’s much more difficult to create email lists this way.

I suggest sending this request to their support. They will probably take it into consideration because linkedin is one of the most complete platforms for scraping that kind of data.

Just a quick tip, for unlimited scrapping on linkedin you should have a Premium Career account :slight_smile:

You can have 1 free month

In one of the next updates we will:

  • Extract the first name.
  • Pass tags from the connector tool.

It’s on our to-do list now.


Great news, thank you :raised_hands:t3:

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You guys are awesome! Thank you!

Thank you guys so much! Amazing team, amazing support, and amazing community!